How to find out if someone opens WhatsApp Web without your consent

To complement the famous digital platform of instant messageAnd the The WhatsAppIn 2015, a portal was introduced for web browser access to PC version From this app called WhatsApp Web. Targeted at work or family environments, with this system, you can access chat conversations from your laptop or computer at Workplaceto coordinate with your team, especially if you are working in mode Homepage Desk.

company – like Instagramshe is king Goalformerly known as FacebookIt serves more than two billion customers around the world, making it the most globally recognized and the undisputed leader in this sector.

Although many people trust the security of files personal information On the portal, there are people who may have a suspicion that someone has logged in to read their conversations via WhatsApp Web, but a simple check will tell you if they logged in from a computer that you do not know.

With multi-device mode, you can associate more than one device with your WhatsApp session with WhatsApp Web, but this way you can check if they are recognizable devices for you. (Pixabay)

A priority of the company is the security of its customers, as it is presented as a reliable service with which users share a lot of information every day, sometimes sensitive, which is why improvements in this area are being implemented as they continue Updates of software.

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With WhatsApp Web, your favorite browser tab is opened on your computer to load the linked portal by checking a file QR Code With your cell phone camera. With this simple procedure, you can load chats on your computer screen and from there you can stay in touch with your family and friends, but when you are done using the service and the computer is not yours, it is important that you log in rather than just close the window you used In which.

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This way, if someone else has access to this computer and decides to open WhatsApp Web to link their account, they will find all your content already uploaded at their disposal, so you have to be very careful with this aspect of privacy.

By following the requirements and instructions of the application and not linking it to third-party programs, you can rest assured that you will not be in danger, and also pay attention to always log out, but if you are not sure that you have successfully logged out of your account on any computer, you can check the list Associated devices From your WhatsApp Mobile, it will show you which session you have opened at that moment, and if you are using a file Multi-device mode Others are currently active, and you will discover them there.

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