Apple: Users will be able to pay and refuel without getting out of the car using CarPlay

Carplay. (Photo: Apple / dpa)

iOS 16 It also brings new features Carplay Along with new features and improvements to Iphone. And not just the next version of The operating system The car will dominate all screens (if the manufacturer allows it), but there will also be small improvements in the version included with iOS 16.

In this sense, one of the new options that CarPlay will include in iOS 16 is Support for new categories ApplicationsyoIncluding those that support “fuel and drive”. This means that if developers include these new APIs in their applications, Users will be able to renew and pay for gasoline without leaving the Sentences.

It is unclear how this feature will be implemented, especially since it has been some time since most gas stations have been in areas like Latin america ask someone to get out of the car to refuel, So it also does not represent any significant change.

With CarPlay, people will fill up on fuel without ever getting out of the car

The feature targets the North American market more, as chains like Sinclair seem to be considering using technology. According to a Reuters statement, the company is particularly committed to “the ability of consumers to commute to Sinclair Station and Buying fuel from your car’s navigation screen without getting out of your car.

According to the developer’s notes for manzana System documentation, command tasks applications will help Enable all kinds of features a driver needs while driving Which is completely unrelated to navigation.

these jobs Does not include typical navigation featuressuch as searching for nearby stores, where customers should use maps For this.

Carplay.  (Photo: Zachary Schurer/dpa)
Carplay. (Photo: Zachary Schurer/dpa)

An example of a potential driving mission application is a tool that helps mileage recording for business travel expenses, Like the above option to refuel from CarPlay or to keep track of vehicle gauges.

This means that new refueling applications must provide a “important jobs” Driving related and can’t simply list nearby gas stations.

New driving mission and CarPlay refueling app templates join previously supported activities; Such as voice, messages and charging electric carAnd requests for parking and fast food.

Step by step to install iOS 16 beta on iPhone

1. Access to .’s website Features of beta from the link.

2. On this page, scroll down until you see File blue button where are you reading Install the profile.

3. Touch the red button Install anyway!

4. A window will appear indicating that the profile is about to be downloaded. Accept by clicking Allow.

Install the iOS 16 beta (Photo: iPhone / Jose Arana)
Install the iOS 16 beta (Photo: iPhone / Jose Arana)

5. Now, go to Settings From iPhone to install iOS 16.

6. In the settings you will see a new option that says Profile downloaded. Touch on it.

7. On the new screen, press the . button Installations in the upper right corner. After that, enter unlock code to accept.

Install the iOS 16 beta (Photo: iPhone / Jose Arana)
Install the iOS 16 beta (Photo: iPhone / Jose Arana)

8. Now the iPhone will restart. There is nothing to worry about, this is normal.

9. Once you turn it on, go to Settings repeatedly. Here, go to general.

10 entry system update. You will see the new version waiting. Follow the usual process to download it, and once done, let it install.

11. When finished, your iPhone will restart several times, and you are ready to enjoy all the benefits of iOS 16.

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