TRM for today: the price of the dollar today, June 29, 2022 | Finance | Economie

Unlike on Tuesday, The dollar opened in Colombia on Wednesday, June 29, on the rise.

At 10:15 AM, the coin was around $4,115.24, which is 25.52 pesos above the TRM for the day, which was $4,089.72.

(Is a recession inevitable? Some economists think so.)

According to the stock exchange, foreign exchange For an opening price of $4,090 The minimum attained was 4,080 pesos, while the maximum was 4148.50 pesos.

In the end the day closed at an average price of 4128.59 pesos, 38.87 pesos above TRM for the day.

On Tuesday, the US currency fell 37.69 pesos against today’s TRM ($4129.87) and closed at an average price of 4,092.18 pesos.


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