WhatsApp will add three functions that will improve video calling

The WhatsApp It is one of the platforms instant message The most used every day by millions of people in the world, either to communicate through Messages, photos, voice memos, videos, and video callsetc.

Among its many advantages is that it is constantly updated to provide a better experience for the users. one of the Updates that you are related to video callswe tell you what it is.

WhatsApp will add three features that will improve video calling. Photo: Freepik

New feature in video calls

At the moment, WhatsApp allows calling up to 32 participants in a video call simultaneously, which may be quite unregulated, but this may change with the service’s next update.

The changes that video calls will make are:

1. Notifications when someone joins the call: This means that when someone else joins the video call, participants will receive a notification to take into account who they have joined with a message that says:[Nombre] Join the call.”

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2. Mute participants: This new feature will help you stay in control during meetings, especially when a participant has too much background noise or if they accidentally activated their microphone and didn’t realize it.

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3. Send messages to other participants: Similarly, the new update will add the ability to send private messages to a group participant while they are in the same video call.

These new WhatsApp features seek to put the platform on the same level as Google Meet or Zoom, so you will no longer need to use them to communicate with other people.

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