What You Should Know About Selling Florida Residential Lands for $14,990

Florida Golden Company, an American real estate developer based in Brickell, Miami, and approved by the Better Business Bureau, currently offers its own residential plots in Florida.

What is the value of the investment and what are the benefits that the buyer gets? And what requirements must be met? These are some of the questions answered by Andres Burdachar, a representative of the company.

How does the Florida Golden Corporation form work?

The company has a secure system that allows foreigners over the age of 18 to purchase residential land. The key is that the operation can be performed from any country and there is no need to travel to the United States.

What does the residential land project consist of?

The project is called “Sunny Hills” a very beautiful place with sunny days and perfect temperatures and in a growing area in northern Florida.

Andres Burdachar, representative of the Florida Gold Corporation. – Photo: Florida Gold Corporation

These lots are located in a great area, in Washington County, Florida, just 10 minutes from downtown; 1 hour 40 minutes from Tallahassee, only 2 hours from Pensacola and 50 minutes from Panama Beach.

What are the foundations? What services do they provide?

The residential land is flat with areas of approximately 930 square meters. The area has all public services, schools, supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, golf courses and entertainment centers, among many other options.

What are the reasons for investing?

Florida continues to experience an investment boom due to political stability, legal certainty, respect for private property, consumer protection, and low taxes. In addition, it has fresh air and a pleasant climate, which is like an eternal spring. The current situation in Latin America has called many people to search for new investment horizons, diversify and secure their assets, and in this sense we offer well-located residential land at a good price.

Sunny Hills Project
The Sunny Hills project is located in Washington County, Florida, just 10 minutes from downtown. – Photo: Courtesy Florida Golden

How is the purchase done?

The process is guided by an assistant in Spanish, and we achieve the most important thing that the buyer understands everything one hundred percent and is satisfied with the purchase. We differentiate ourselves by having a personalized treatment on everything in the sales and after sales process, thus achieving the satisfaction of the clients who recommend us.

The title deeds of all our lands are verified and secured by title insurance that protects the client, in this way, the whole process is protected by a title company that is the guarantor of the operation, that’s why the money does not pass to the company sold until the property is properly registered with the judge in the district court .

What is the message for Colombians?

Our clients seek stability and secure their assets, and this is achieved when purchasing a residential land, as they do not have to worry or think about major administrative issues that take a lot of time.

The earth will always be there, and as I have always said, with each passing day it will get sweeter. We want to invite the people of Colombia to make a smart decision and take advantage of this opportunity. These Sunny Hills values ​​will be available while supplies last or until September 1, 2022 (whichever comes first).

To learn more about the project or contact a consultant, you can visit www.floridagolden.com/sunnyhills or call on WhatsApp: +14079469924 or write to www.floridagolden.com

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