What is the trading price on Saturday 25 June 2022?

They explain in the market that the demand for energy is still high, and they estimate that during the month of June it will reach 2000 million US dollars.

The balance of BBK’s intervention during the month of June shows an amount of approximately $600 million of net loss in reserves.

In this context, the price of the dollar today – without taxes – rose four cents this Friday, June 24 to $ 129.16 for sale, according to the average in the major entities of the financial system, while at Bank Nacion the bill remained at $128.75 for sale. .

Solidarity dollar price Friday 24 June

The Saving Dollars or Solidarity Dollars-which includes 30% COUNTRY tax and 35% deductible from profits- Offer seven cents to $213.10 in the middle.

Wholesale price in dollars, Friday 24 June

And the wholesale dollar, which is directly regulated by the BCRA, accelerated its upward march: it rose to $1.32, the highest weekly rise since the penultimate week of last April. It happened after paying 14 cents on Friday.

The lower bounds were noted with the first agreed operation, at $124.23, an increase of thirteen cents over the previous end. The demand for foreign exchange once again exceeded the available supply, putting pressure on prices that responded with successive hikes. The cap was recorded at $124.27, a value that was corrected by Central sales, while making up for insufficient real supply. Along with the official activity, values ​​at the close have stabilized very close to the initial declines.

“The acceleration of the dollar wholesale price adjustment rate indicates a slight change in the official strategy that is also in line with the pressures that the market has endured in recent days,” analyst Gustavo Quintana noted. He added, “Next week ends in June, an additional factor that could boost demand to meet commitments that expire at the end of the month and due to closing deals that usually occur.”

CCL dollar price, Friday 24 June

Dollar Calculated in Liquid (CCL) – Run with Global Bond 2030- It fell 15 cents on Friday and closed at $237.17, after dropping to $5 on the day.

Thus the gap ended with the wholesale exchange rate at 90.9%, and over the course of the week it recorded a decrease of 5.07 USD, or -2.1%. In this way, he cut a streak of two strong consecutive weekly highs.

The price of the dollar MEP, Friday 24 June

While that, USD MEP-Also with Global Estimate 2030- It rose 49 cents (+0.2%) to $232.72 on the day, reversing the daily decline by more than $4.

Thus, the difference with the official exchange rate was 87.3%, andIn the week, US dollar stocks accumulated a decrease of $2.37 (-1%).

Blue Dollar Quote, Friday 24th June

The The blue dollar rose again on Friday, June 24, breaking a new historical recordAnd the According to Ámbito’s survey of the foreign exchange black market, through which The gap ended with the officer above 80% for the third straight round.

The The parallel dollar rose by $2 to an unprecedented $226, after jumping $8 between Tuesday and Wednesday, with which it accumulated a jump of $10 over the course of the week.

In this way, the file The exchange gap with the official wholesale exchange rate increased to 81.9%.

So far in June, The blue dollar rose $19, its biggest monthly rise of the year, after ending May at $207.

So far this year, the unofficial dollar has advanced $18, after closing 2021 at $208.

Crypto dollar price, Friday 24 June

The Yield on Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin Dollar 0.3% to $232.68based on average across local exchanges reported by Coinmonitor.

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