This ticket used to be $10, now they want to sell it for $12,000

Although they are no longer valid for making purchases or operations at the bank, it is very common for homes to have some copies of old bills Which are invalidated today by Bank of Mexico. For this reason, they lack it liberation forceBecause they no longer enjoy the support of the Central Bank as a valid payment method.

what he realizes Banxico is the equation that they have with respect to the current currency, and New Mexican Peso (Mexican Peso); As with the $10 paper money they want to sell for 12,600 pesos in this post, whose current value is just one cent according to the bank.

The publication is on the digital commerce portal free market mexicowhere there is a section specialized in Antiques and Collections It contains this type of advertisement, as well as those for commemorative coins, rare editions and some coin curiosities.

For this bill that used to be worth ten pesos and is now worth a penny, they want 12 thousand pesos. (Mexico Duty Free)

But we must bear in mind that the fact that a user of one of the online selling sites puts his offer at a significantly higher price, compared to other publications with similar articles, but with more modest numbers.

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A variety of paper money belongs to AA family of Banxico banknotesIt has been a few years since it was introduced and put into circulation, since it happened on December 15, 1969.

The quickest way to identify one of these pieces is to check its face value or denomination of ten pesos and has the image of the priest on or in front of it. Miguel Hidalgo And Costella, hero Mexican independence.

Banknotes of this series were the first to be manufactured in the country by the Bank of Mexico, and circulated normally in the 1970s. By the time the peso devaluation occurred in 1992, these variants were already in the process of regressing.

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If you have this type of bill or other in your home and intend to sell it, you can take advantage of these digital channels such as the sales page where we saw this ad, or other portals, but to determine the right price that reflects the value of the piece, it is best to consult an expert to review it to help you in Determine a fair number.

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