How to block or unblock any contact

one of the platforms instant message Most used every day by millions of people around the world The WhatsApp. This is due to communication through Messages, photos, videos, voice memos, and video callsetc., may be easier.

But contacting several people does not always mean that they all appeal to us. Therefore, we tell you how to block a contact on WhatsApp regardless of whether it is your operating system iOS or Android.

WhatsApp: How to block or unblock any contact. Photo: fix

How to block contacts on WhatsApp

You should keep in mind that when you block a contact, they can no longer send you messages, make calls or video calls, or see your status updates. Given that if you are still determined to block someone in particular, the steps you should follow are:

  • Open WhatsApp and click on the three dots.
  • The configuration menu will be displayed automatically.
  • Select More options and then Settings.
  • Under Settings, tap Account, then Privacy and finally Blocked Contacts.
  • A list of all blocked contacts will appear.
  • To add a contact, click the Add button which has the person icon next to the + icon.
  • A list of all contacts will appear automatically, select one (or more) to block.

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In case you want to block an unknown number, just open the chat with the number and click on the block option that appears in the chat window, and you can also report the number.

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Now, if what you want is to unblock a contact, the steps you should follow are:

Find it in the contacts list, press and hold the name until the options are displayed, and the unlock option will appear. You can also do it from More options, then Settings, Account, then Privacy, and finally Blocked contacts, select the contact and tap Unblock.

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