Bank of Mexico raises interest rate now at 7.75%

For the first time in a quarter of a century as an independent, decentralized body, Bank of Mexico Follow Favorite Interest rate adjustment upin 75 basis points Reference as already expected by the markets – following the same trend as feed in European Unionto stay in the end 7.75%. The adjustment is due to an upward cycle in the central bank’s interest rate, which is only one year on June 24.

In the course of this time Banxico . reference rate by 375 basis points as part of decisions monetary policy taken by the institution.

formerly one Conservative MPs From the Bank of Mexico, Jonathan Heath, has pointed this out in Government Council From the authority, an agreement was reached to raise the rate by 75 basis points, since before the last announcement of Reservation A federation in a neighboring country where the increase is more than 27 years.

This was marked by a unanimous decision by Banxico’s board of directors, which stated that it will be responsible for closely monitoring the state of upward pressures pushing up consumer prices, the most obvious symptom of inflation; As well as the rest of the factors that are related to this trend towards higher prices in products Economie Mexican.

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The central bank itself has been firm in stating that this will not be Banxico’s latest rate hike, leaving open the possibility of a similar 75 point increase if it decides it is necessary, among other adjustments that may arise.

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With this announcement, there are already nine consecutive increases by the Bank of Mexico, where the four before the last amendment were 50 basis points, as a series of measures used by the Mexican Central Bank, like institutions of other countries in the world used to combat the same problem of inflation.

This is the same June 23 andNational Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) published his book National Consumer Price Index Which consists of a tool to know the inflationary context in the country, showing in the first half of June an upward variance of 7.88% compared to last year’s records.

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