Gouda cheese prices rise in MLC stores in Cuba

Cuban netizens denounced this government Raising the price of quality cheese In a freely convertible currency (MLC), in a surprising manner and without declaring it to the population.

(Store) MLC has doubled the price gouda cheese From day to day, out of nowhere,” Julio Herrera, a user who introduces himself as “The Architect,” tweeted on that social network.

His publication aroused suspicion because some followers believed that change price It was related to the weight of the product. However, that was not the case. There was an increase in the value of cheese, at least that of the German brand Ammerländer, and the Cuban state did not report it.

According to reports on the networks, this brand of Gouda cheese increased from 8.10 MLC per kilogram to 14.75 MLC.

Since 2020 Stores in MLC They sold gouda cheese at 8.10 per kilo. They did not market it, at least at the time, in small pieces, the pieces in excess of the whole 3 kilograms had to be bought. This forced customers to spend a large amount of money on a single purchase.

Cuban Camilo Condes confirmed in a Twitter message that “Gouda cheese at 3ra y 70 (shop in MLC) no longer costs 28 MLC on average, now it is Above 33 MLC“.

Not only did Cubans denounce it Cheese is more expensive And that they can only buy it in an almost inaccessible currency. They must also counter traps in government establishments in MLC, with products whose weight does not match the weight shown on the original label.

Facebook Lazaro Jose Beltran

“The high prices of products in those stores are exorbitant. An example is cheese which is worth 43.55 MLC, which is about 5,000 pesos for cheese. Let’s remember that the standard pension in Cuba is 1,528 pesos and the minimum wage is 2,100 pesos. Terrible, where will we end up?”

Facebook Adolfo Fernandez

“I think these guys have already lost the bus… The group must be big, what we don’t see anywhere is the investment, unless they expect to have a lot (the bills) in London and later… You already know,” said the citizen. else.

last week MLC saw a slight rise On the unofficial currency market of Cuba, it reached 112 Cuban Pesos (CUP). On the other hand, the dollar and the euro kept their price stable, 100 kopecks for the first and 115 kopecks for the second. The data is consistent with the representative price of the unofficial foreign exchange market in Cuba from independent media El Toque.

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