This is Cubamax’s new offer for travel from the US to Cuba

The travel and shipping agency in Cuba, Cubamax, offers its customers a variety of options to make their lives easier. Now, it’s suggesting special fares for the current month of June with its flights from Miami to Havana. These operate daily with complete safety and reliability.

The good news is related to Cubamax and its flights to the island at reasonable prices. For example, the current offer is only $399.00 for the entire trip between the two countries.

But here is not everything, Copamax, it is beyond your imagination. The agency is giving away 20 pounds of handbags for free, all in the current June promotion.

Yes, as you read it, now they are making a difference and many Cubans who live on the other side of the beach prefer their services.

Travel the whole island with Copamax

It’s not just an upgrade, with Cubamax you can travel to all counties of the country. In fact, it is the only company that makes these crossings. eye! With their offers, you will be able to enter and leave Cuba through the following regions: Santiago de Cuba, Holguin, Santa Clara, Varadero and Havana.

Cubamax reminds its customers that they have no baggage restrictions on their air travel.

Spanish airline Swift Air is responsible for operating Cubamax flights from the United States to Cuba.

Headquartered in Hialeah since 2001, Cubamax Travel has already expanded to 13 offices in Miami, West Palm Beach, Orlando and Kissimmee.

Among its many services are hotel reservations, notary and consular procedures, in addition to sending remittances, medicines, food and clothes.

Currently, Cubamax is one of the most preferred agencies among its peers. Have you already launched your services?

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