There is a winning ticket! They take an X2 rematch worth $500,000 | Aharon

The online social networking lottery reported that there is a winning ticket for the $500,000 prize of the Rematch x2 draw from Monday’s lottery.

The winning numbers were 5-6-7-9-35 (1).

“$500,000 went from #Rematch x2! This time the winning ticket at Buena Vista Shell in Bayamón was sold out with an automated ticket. Check if you hurt yourself,” the online lottery posted.

They also took home a $15,000 prize from the same fee on Monday.

$15,000 Loto Cash Went to Naranjito! If You Play Automatically at the Grocery Store: Cafetín El Pesetero in Naranjito… Run to Check That Ticket! E-Lottery Books: You Might Be the One Who Got Hit.

Electronic lottery Naranjito

This raffle takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and the public has until 8:45 PM on the same day to submit their bids.

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