This is how the dollar works in the next day’s transactions on Monday | Finance | Economie

Official negotiations on the dollar return in the Colombian market this Tuesday, after the Monday holidays in Colombia and the United States, so today’s foreign exchange transactions took place within the framework of operations. The next day.

(Would a dollar be possible at $5,000 today in Colombia?).

This mechanism allows negotiating the purchase and sale of dollars with a period of one or two days, Which means that if a trader makes a trade on Monday, he will receive the trade on Tuesday or Wednesday According to the characteristics of the negotiation.

Although transactions can be made under this mechanism, it is worth noting that the representative market price that will continue to apply until Tuesday when the official market reopens will be $3,905, the level at which it closed on Friday.

Under this scenario, The dollar was trading in the next day’s trading on Monday at $4,062, after Gustavo Petro’s victory in Sunday’s election. This means an increase of about $157 over the previous day, which means that it is very likely that the foreign currency will rise this Tuesday to at least this level.


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