These 18 Android Apps Steal Data and Have Malware, Delete It Now

As the most important device of today, cell phone has become the preferred target of cybercriminals and one of the easiest ways they can scam their victims is through apps that seem harmless but actually hide malware, like these 18 Android apps designed to steal users’ information.

It is worth noting that although Google makes an effort to review apps before they are made available to Android devices through the Play Store, many apps and hackers are so advanced in their strategies that some are able to circumvent the security.

Once again, it was discovered that a series of 18 apps, which can be downloaded from the official Android store, were designed to steal users’ information. We give you all the details below so you know what they are and what to do if you have any.

These Android apps steal data

The first thing worth clarifying is that out of the 18 apps identified as malicious, most of them were quickly removed from the Play Store, so the level of downloads was not high.

However, as Phone Arena points out, there are still at least 3 apps available for new installs, including one that has amassed more than 50,000 downloads worldwide.

One of the reasons the app cheats on security systems is that it has an average rating of 4.8, so it is considered a useful and safe option thanks to the fact that out of the 900 reviews it offers, the majority are positive.

Cyber ​​security professionals emphasize this point because they have discovered that criminals not only download infected apps, but also generate hundreds of positive reviews with the goal of better “hiding”.

It was SecneurX, Kaspersky, and D3Lab that discovered the malware-infected applications. According to their reports, in most cases they are offered as free productivity tools, but once installed on the phone, they are responsible for stealing user information from phone numbers to email addresses, passwords, and even credit card data.

This is a list of applications that you should beware of

  • Document manager
  • Currency Tracking Loan – Online Loan
  • Cool caller screen
  • Authentication Protector PSD
  • RGB Emoji Keyboard
  • Camera Translator Pro
  • Fast PDF Scanner (Quick PDF Scanner)
  • Air Balloon Wallpaper
  • colorful messenger
  • Thug Photo Editor
  • Anime wallpapers
  • peace messages
  • happy collages
  • OriginalMessenger
  • Pele messages
  • smart keyboard
  • Private photo editor
  • 4K wallpapers

What do you do if you have a malicious app?

Although, according to specialists, you are unlikely to have any of these applications on your device, if you recognize any of them, you will have to remove them.

To delete the app, go to your phone’s settings menu, enter the apps section to view everything you’ve downloaded, select the app you want and first click stop. Then select the delete option.

And so that you do not fall into the trap of scams and the chances of getting malware through an application are minimal, follow these tips from Kaspersky:

Download apps only from official stores. Even though the mentioned apps were available on the Play Store, the chances of them having malware are much less since the company has a series of techniques to evaluate them.

Check the opinions of other users carefully. You may see hundreds of positive comments but if you find any negative comments you have to be vigilant, remember that cybercriminals create fake comments.

If after downloading an app you notice unusual behavior on your phone like unexplained messages, overheating or opening pages without being prompted, delete the app immediately and change all your passwords.

Install a security solution on your cell phone.

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