Google is dying?

Google is dying? Has the company entered a phase of decline? There are many ways to view a company’s health. One is its benefits. Another, its share price (GOOG). Neither of these indicators shows a very worrying outlook for Alphabet, the parent company that hosts the search engine company, despite the fact that its shares tumbled in April and have not recovered. Another thermometer, subjective, is the experience of using the product. Here is indeed cause for concern: Google search engine is no longer the infallible machine that gives the best results on the Internet in fractions of a second. Users know this and Google workers know it.

Google is dying? The search engine is not what it used to be, nor does it do it again (Photo by Jeremy Mueller/Getty Images)

As reported in this devastating article in The Atlantic, in February, a corporate engineer named Dimitri Brereton He wrote a blog post about the decline of Google’s search engine, outlining the top theories about why “product results fail”.

The post soon appeared in the top tech forums like Hacker News. It was widely shared on Twitter and even prompted a response from Google PR Danny Sullivan, refuting one of Brereton’s allegations. “I said in the post that dating doesn’t give an exact match. They really do. They really do,” Sullivan wrote in a series of tweets.

Users trust humans more than Google

According to a Google engineer, Users have changed their habits to get the results they are looking for. Instead of scrolling through long posts filled with pop-up ads and paragraphs written with search engines, not humans, in mind to get to a review or a recipe, savvy users turn to Reddit to find testimonials from real people discussing and interacting with each other.

Most of those who use Reddit hack do so for practical reasons, But it’s also a small act of protest: a way of dealing with the industrial complex of search engine optimization and online advertising and trying to get to a part of the internet that feels freer and more humane.

“The only ones who don’t know are the Reddit team, who don’t even bother creating a decent search interface,” the post read. “So we instead resort to using Google and adding the word “reddit” at the end of our queries.The post declares, “Google is dead. Lives Google+:”

“Google continues to deliver good results for many other categories, particularly when it comes to factual information”The post says. “You might think Google’s results are very useful to you, and you have no idea what I’m talking about.”

However, the post said that users are not aware of it “You’ve been censoring yourself for not looking for most of the things you would have liked to look for.” “You already subconsciously know that Google is not going to give you a good result,” the post added.

“To be fair, this would probably be an issue with any search engine, but one would expect it to be Google has managed to devise an algorithm that is less manipulableThe post is read. The post cites several search engine critics, including Michael Seibel, CEO and partner at influencer accelerator startup Y Combinator, who tweeted earlier this year that “a minor medical issue that emerged recently shows just how bad someone needs to disable Google search.” .”

“Google no longer offers high-quality search results in a large number of important categories,” Sibel said. “Health, product reviews, and recipes are the three categories I searched for today and the best results showed up. Clickbait sites are full of bad ads. I’m sure there are many more.”

Beginning of the End?

Google created highly successful mobile operating systems, mapped the worldIt has changed the way we send emails and store photos, and has tried, with varying success, to build self-driving cars. Along the way, the company has amassed an unfathomable amount of data on billions of people (often without knowing it), but Google’s parent company, Alphabet remains primarily a search engine based advertising company.

In 2020, the company acquired $147 billion in advertising revenue alone, which represents about 80% of their total income. Most of the company’s tech products – Maps, Gmail – are Trojans for a giant personal advertising company, and it was its search engine that started it all.. With which you can start your end.

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