GEA officials resign from the Nutresa . board of directors

Grupo Nutresa reports that Juana Francisca Llano, Gonzalo Alberto Pérez and Jorge Mario Velásquez have resigned from their positions as members of the company’s board of directors. The resolution will be effective once the shareholders’ meeting sets a new date.

This is known a few days after the GEA directors submitted their resignations to the Sura Group Board of Directors. This Wednesday, June 22nd, an extraordinary meeting of the Sora Group will be held to name the new Board of Directors. In turn, Grupo Nutresa must call an extraordinary assembly to appoint a new board of directors.

According to Nutresa’s statement, the other members of the Board of Directors and Management “acknowledged Doctors Llano, Pérez and Velásquez, and expressed their gratitude for their cooperation and valuable participation as members of the Board of Directors.”

These events take place midway through the acceptance period of Nugil SAS’s ongoing takeover offer for a minority stake in Grupo Argos.

The new boards are expected to unblock the GEA companies until they can decide on this takeover offer.

Market analysts advise them week They consider that if the current takeover offer of Argos does not meet the established minimum, the bidder may decide not to raise it, as happened in the recent takeover offer of Nutresa.

They add that these resources could instead be directed to a new acquisition offer of up to 12% of Grupo Sura or 20% of Grupo Nutresa, at a price above “base value”, which would make more sense and give it control of at least one of the companies. GEA.

A proposal of this nature would put the new members of the Nutresa and Sura boards of directors in a complicated situation, since their fiduciary and legal duty would be with the company and its shareholders, not to defend the rollover.

* Gabriel Jelinsky is a contributor to SEMANA Publications.

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