The dollar and stocks will reflect the impact of the election results

Shares of companies in the mining and energy sector related to Colombia Presentation falls on Monday in the Canadian stock market, after knowing the results of the second round.

This is how Canacol Energy shares fell in Canada Stock Exchange By 3.73%, it was trading at 2.58 Canadian dollars.

Canacol is a natural gas exploration and production company with operations in Colombia, and its common stock is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, OTCQX in the USA, and the Colombian Stock Exchange under the symbols CNE, CNNEF and CNE.

The last of the actions that took place in Canada Stock Exchange That was from Mineros with a contraction of 7.53% to quote at C$0.86. Mineros is a company focused on gold production and prospecting, headquartered in Medellin and with a presence in Colombia, Nicaragua, Argentina and Chile.

The director of analysis and strategy at Casa de Bolsa SCB Grupo Aval, Juan David Palin, noted that the behavior of the negotiations on the shares of Canacol Energy and Mineros is due “to the fact that the proposals of Gustavo Petro will affect the energy mining sector.”

“The decline in stocks explains the election results and is not explained by the behavior of commodities, because today in the case of oil and gold they represent stable behavior,” he wrote on his Twitter account. Twitter.

He explained that since yesterday it was a holiday in both United States of America. As in Colombia, since operations take place on the Canadian Stock Exchange, the trading volumes are lower than the traditional one. “However, it serves to give a glimpse of what could happen tomorrow,” he explained.

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