They imposed 23 years in prison on those involved in the murder of Prosecutor Marcello Picci

Four of the five involved in the murder of Paraguayan Prosecutor Marcelo Pecchi, which took place on the island of Baro (Bolivar) on May 10, during their honeymoon and in front of his pregnant wife, were sentenced to 47 years in prison, after a hearing. It took place on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 17, in a court in Cartagena.

The family had requested the maximum penalty for the accused. “a We do not return our relative but these people must be prevented from continuing to commit crimes’,” noted Francisco Becchi, the victim’s brother, who said he was not interested in receiving “dirty money” from officials.

However, the four people who accepted the premeditated murder charges and aggravated the illegal possession of weapons They received benefits in recognition of their responsibility and the obligation to cooperate with justiceas well as to denounce other people who participated in the events.

For all this, the The Public Prosecution Office requested a sentence of at least 540 months in prison for premeditated murder under aggravating circumstancesWhile for carrying heavy-duty firearms, the accused party requested that the maximum reduction be given at 50%. After that, they will have to pay effective sentences of up to 23 years and six months in prison.

Now indicted are Winder Steele Scott Carrillo, Iverson, Adrian Areta Zabaleta, Marisol Londono Bedoya and Christian Camilo Monsalve Londono. Given the strength of the evidence presented by the accusation, it admitted responsibility for the murder. In addition, they apologized, one by one, for the crime.

He was the first to apologize Marisol Londonaccused of following Beachy and notifying his accomplices of the attack.

for this part, Windry Steele Scott Carrillowho according to the authorities was the one who shot Picci, asked the Paraguayan public prosecutor’s family: “They will forgive me for the truth I did and that I will never make such a mistake again“.

Next to apologize was Christian Camilo Monsalve – Son of Londono -: “I feel very sorry for the role I played, and I will not do it again, I also want to apologize to my country that I embarrassed, To my family, I hope you will pardon me and I have no words to refer to your family because with these words I will not return your family member.”

Finally, Iverson Adrian Arietta Zabaleta, accused of transporting the killers to the scene, said:It’s the first time I’ve committed a crime like this and I know that with an apology I won’t revive itBut with all my heart I repent before the Colombian court and the Paraguayan authorities.”

Meanwhile, Francisco Luis Correa Galeano, who detailed the crime, pleaded not guilty and not yet been convicted.

For his part, the attorney general’s father spoke to Radio Paraguay on Friday. He said it though “This wound for us relatives will never close.” For Paraguay’s justice system, identifying the masterminds behind her son’s murder “would be a good thing”.

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