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A tourist made the unusual decision to avoid paying for excess baggage before boarding a flight to Bogota, Colombia, that departed from Ezeiza International Airport, Argentina. The episode was witnessed by dozens of passengers and shared by a Twitter user.

The photos were posted by Santiago Tore Walsh, better known as “Sir Chandler,” an Argentine blogger and YouTuber who has been documenting his travels since 2009.

“The passenger is dressed to reduce the weight of the bag at check-in. Now in Ezeiza. I am flying to Bogotá,”

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In the video, which is 20 seconds long, A man could be seen a few meters away from the post to make the check-in.

Apparently, the subject had given information about his trip to the airport staff to go to immigration, but at the time of weighing his bags there was an inconvenience.

His suitcase exceeded the weight required by the airline and the only way to get it on the plane was to pay the corresponding excess. So this man, while not intending to pay the fine, He decided to open his suitcase and put on one garment after another to lighten the burden.

If only what is shown in the video is taken into account, The tourist came to wear at least two shirts and three pants over his clothes.

However, some netizens say he “even kept pairs of socks in his pockets”. Sir Chandler took it for granted and wrote on his blog: “How many times have we actually seen it?”

In fact, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened, and it’s not necessarily about clothing. In February 2021, four travelers of Chinese origin were denied boarding their flight in Kunming at Yunnan Airport, unless they paid a fine for their excess bags.

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It is worth explaining They were carrying kilograms and kilograms of oranges inside them. Just as the Colombian did on Wednesday night, he evaded the surcharge by eating a total of 30 kilos of this fruit. They saved about $36 (140,000 pesos) for excess baggage.

Avoid excess weight. Keep in mind that you will have to move the bag from one place to another.

What is excess baggage and how much is the fine?

Excess baggage is a flat fee that applies when there is excess, whether in weight, number of pieces or volume. The extent and amount of the fine depends on the airline you are traveling on. In this case, in the case of the airline Viva Air, classified as “low cost”, the limit is lower.

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According to its official website, in the case of a carry-on baggage in the cabin of the plane, it should weigh no more than 12 kilograms and measure 55x45x25 cms.

In the event that a travel bag is not carried, the same conditions apply to a small backpack. The only thing that differs in this case is the dimensions, they should be 45x30x25 cm. As this is the baggage that will be placed in the hold of the aircraft, it must weigh no more than 20 kilograms and measure 158 centimeters.

Travel bag packing tips

Your carry-on baggage must not weigh more than 12 kg if you are traveling on Viva Air.

If the passenger exceeds cabin baggage, The fee to be paid is 1,237 Argentine pesos (39,000 Colombian pesos). For carry-on baggage, the fine is lower: 735 Argentine pesos (23 thousand pesos).

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