Presidential debate: Public channels awaiting contract request – Santander – Colombia

After accepting the participation of the presidential candidates Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernandez From finding themselves in a debate after the court ruling, Televisión Regional del Oriente (TRO) has started broadcasting Logistic planning for the meeting Who will be in Bucaramanga.

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At a meeting held at the canal headquarters located in the municipality of Floridablanca, logistics were provided for what would be the first and only discussion between Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernández ad Portas de Presidential second round.

Since EL TIEMPO has managed to establish, there is already the logistics for the meeting which may be at 8 pm this Thursday, however, they are waiting for the administrative process, because they There are no official requests yet By both campaigns for discussion.

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RTVC has not received from the presidential candidates the joint application ordered by the Supreme Court of Bogota to proceed with the convening and referral of the debate

“To date, the RTVC Public Media System has not received from the presidential candidates the joint application ordered by the Supreme Court of Bogota to move forward with an investigation and transmission of the debate,” they say from RTVC’s Twitter post.

TRO channel is located in Floridablanca, a municipality in the Bucaramanga metropolitan area, with more than 50 people, including photographers and producers, to carry out the event; In addition to four recording studios where it will be held.

The discussion will take place in the Tro facilities of the channel.

The channel is part of the public channel network, so transmission will be done by RTVC and the capitals public channels.

The Board of Directors of Canal TRO consists of the Mayor’s Office of Bucaramanga and Cúcuta, the Government of Norte de Santander and Santander, Edesan, the Institute of Culture of Bucaramanga, and the Santander and Infinorte lottery.

All of the above are public entities attached to the provinces of Norte de Santander and Santander, as well as to the mayor’s offices of the capitals.


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