The United States Congress shows concern about operations against Rodolfo Hernandez

The presidential candidate still has two corruption charges against him.

Photo: Mauricio Duenas Castaneda

Six US Democratic members of Congress sent a letter to that country’s president, Joe Biden, expressing concern about alleged corruption issues facing presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernandez. According to the document, one of the flags of the North American country is the fight against corruption, which makes them uncomfortable that anyone who could take over the presidency of Colombia, an ally of the United States, is at the center of this controversy.

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For the signatories, corruption can “deprive citizens of equitable access to vital public services such as public health, safety and education.” Likewise, they agree that corruption can “also contribute to human rights abuses and enhance immigration,” as stated in his document signed by the six US Congress members.

This problem, asserts the letter to President Biden, is “a fundamental threat to the rule of law, corruption stifling institutions, undermining public trust, and fueling popular cynicism toward effective and responsible governance.” For these Americans, it is especially important that Rodolfo Hernandez, who could become president in Colombia, face two corruption trials.

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One of the candidates in the second round, Rodolfo Hernandez, faces two legal proceedings related to corruption charges during his tenure as mayor of Bucaramanga. The date of the next judicial hearing is July 21, 2022, which means that when the judicial process progresses, the Colombian voters will have cast their ballots without knowing the outcome of these judicial actions,” warned members of Congress in the North American country.

Operations against the presidential candidate leave these six lawmakers in “serious doubts about Hernandez’s commitment to fighting corruption.” Likewise, the signatories to the letter consider the case of Rodolfo Hernandez to be comparable to that of Ecuadorean Guillermo Laso, who, as they also stated in their document, “owns 144 properties in Broward and Miami-Dade counties, in Florida.”

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The concern expressed by members of Congress, their letter says, is that in the case of Ecuador, after the presidential election, “The Bandura Papers revealed that President Lasso was hiding assets and evading taxes in US jurisdictions,” something that, they say is clear, they do not want That happens in Colombia. The signatories to the letter are Democrats Raul M. Grijalva, Rashida Tlaib, Jesus J. “Choi” Garcia, Jan Chakowski, and Pamela Jayapal.

It should be clarified that the Bandura Papers case has nothing to do with the process that candidate Hernandez faces. While the former relates to a massive worldwide leak of documents that expose the financial secrets of politicians, artists, businessmen or athletes in jurisdictions with tax advantages, some of which are known as “tax havens,” the process that Hernandez faces in Colombia is one of corruption, for the alleged offense of improperly concluding contracts.

The condition referred to in the document is the so-called Vitalologic condition. The former mayor of Bucaramanga states that he allegedly engaged in corruption in a consulting contract for the Municipal Cleaning Company of Bucaramanga (EMAB). Apparently, it interfered until Agreement 096 of 2016 was awarded to Vitalogic RSU, to implement new technologies at the El Carrasco landfill.

According to the data of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Hernandez’s son, Luis Carlos Hernandez, was going to agree to distribute commissions for awarding this contract to Vitalogic RSU. The document, says the entity that investigated, was signed by Bucaramanga Cleaning Consultant Jorge Hernán Alarcón, and Vitalogic’s contractor, Carlos Gutierrez.

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