The people of Trujillo express themselves: “We are very sorry that Trujillo Alto is so tainted by this corruption.”

A group of Trujillo Alto residents lamented on Friday how the course Jose Luis Cruz Cruz As mayor of the People’s Democratic Party (PPD) in this municipality, with an unexplained resignation and amid speculation about links to a corruption case.

Cruz Cruz was in his fourth term as mayor of Trujillo Alto, where he was elected in 2009.

So far, the authorities have neither confirmed nor denied any accusation against him, but Trujillo’s supporters and opponents of the resignation, interviewed Friday, do not doubt that Cruz’s resignation has something to do with the corruption scheme carried out by the former. The special assistant, Radamis Benitez, was indicted last December.

“We were surprised, but we are glad he finally made the decision and he did,” said Lilian Fernandez, a resident of Trujillo Alto. “We are very sorry that this corruption has stained Trujillo.”

When asked if he thought the resignation was due to a corruption case, Fernandez replied, “Absolutely agree.”

“He must be charged and pleaded guilty,” he added.

Marta Gragrines and Edna Gonzalez of Trujillo are surprised by the resignation of Jose Luis Cruz Cruz as mayor. (Alex Figueroa cancelled)

for this part, Mark Quinones “I’m not surprised,” he said. “I was expecting this result. Whether he was left guilty or not, he had to leave the door open for someone else to take the mayoral chair to do the clean work the city deserves,” he said.

Meanwhile, Edna Gonzalez confirmed that she does not pay attention to “political matters” and said she was “surprised” when she learned of the official’s resignation. Instead, when asked if he would be surprised if Cruz pleaded guilty, he replied, “No. These are things that happen in politics.”

Similarly, the Trujillo Marta Gragrines She said she was “shocked and we “didn’t believe” Cruz was going to resign. Although he didn’t know what he was credited with his departure, he stated that he received the information “with great pain in his heart.” He has been my mayor for many years.”

“(Like Trujillo) we are very surprised, because we did not expect something like this … very sad,” he said.

Meanwhile, three municipal deputies indicated that the circumstances of the resignation confirm suspicions of a corruption relationship, although the text of the resignation letter does not indicate this.

The letter was delivered by the Municipal Security Commissioner to the head of the municipal legislature, Lourdes Ziasyesterday afternoon, and reported that the resignation was effective at midnight, without explaining the reason for his resignation.

The day in the speech’s date is also changed manually, in dry ink, leading lawmakers to believe the speech was prepared in advance.

That was the resignation of a predicted death. “It has been rumored for a long time,” said Luisa Lebrun, the municipal legislator for Trujillo Alto of the New Progressive Party.

“The letter hardly mentions anything. It does not give personal or other reasons. But we all understand that it is about the arrest of his chief aide long ago.”

Trujillo Alto municipal legislator for the PNP, Luisa Lebrun.
Trujillo Alto municipal legislator for the PNP, Luisa Lebrun. (Alex Figueroa cancelled)

In turn, the municipal legislator of Trujillo from the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP), Nelly ZambranaShe said, “It doesn’t surprise me.”

“Since December, when arrests of some mayors linked to asphalt companies and garbage collection began, contracts that do not pass through the legislature, an approach has been taken for the municipality of Trujillo Alto on the contracts that were in place,” Zambrana Ortiz commented.

He said that from that moment they asked for clarifications, but Cruz Cruz did not meet with the municipal legislature.

“Three days later, they arrested his assistant,” Zamprana recalls, who later sent Cruz letters asking him to resign, after learning that he was negotiating with federal authorities.

Trujillo Alto municipal legislator for the PIP party, Nellie Zambrana.
Trujillo Alto municipal legislator for the PIP party, Nellie Zambrana. (Alex Figueroa cancelled)

In his case, the municipal legislator of the People’s Democratic Party, Gabriel PerezHe said that the request for explanations has become an investigative decision that is presented to the parliamentary body headed by his party.

Peres indicated that his decision was not well received and no investigation mechanism was ever activated.

“A commission was set, but this is a drawer. He did not deliver the road. There was no call at the time because we were on a break. No audit was done and the work required to find out how it happened and to know that acts of corruption would not take place,” Perez said. again in the future.”

Instead, he said, he faced reprisals, because as a majority legislator he “chaired some committees and they took them from me,” while planning meetings at times he was unable to attend because he was at work at the time.

Trujillo Alto Municipal Legislator for the People's Democratic Party, Gabriel Perez
Trujillo Alto Municipal Legislator for the People’s Democratic Party, Gabriel Perez (Alex Figueroa cancelled)

“Today is an unfortunate day for all Trujillo and the people. We have been in a state of uncertainty for months,” Pérez said. “It is unfortunate that corruption has reached our party and our people.”

Earlier today, the president of the municipal legislature, Lourdes Zias, confirmed that she “never” expected to receive a letter of resignation from Cruz Cruz.

“I always believed in things as I was told. He had no reason to think of anything else. I had no document in which he was accused under any circumstances, so since what happened in December, until last night when Quit…something’s going on, something weird, something’s going on.”

“There must be a reason. Now I have a lot of questions and I hope to talk to him at some point.” “Something told me there could be something, but not seriously the relationship, but not the conjectures made in the press and political analysts.”

Zias has stated that he will remain temporary mayor Edgardo Diaz Torres, who was Cruz Cruz’s Special Assistant until the time of his resignation. “The fate of the city will be directed to the next 30 days in which the person who will occupy it officially works for the rest of the four-year period,” the official explained.

Zias did not rule out that he would run for the special elections that the HDP would call, although he commented that the party’s Secretary General, Ramon Luis Cruz, asked him this morning about it.

On the other hand, Pérez confirmed that he would run to direct the administration of the municipality of Trujillo.

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