The Brazilian Federal Police confirmed that the remains found belonged to Dom Phillips

(CNN) – A forensic dental examination carried out at the National Institute of Criminology in Brasilia on Friday confirmed that part of the remains found on Wednesday belong to British journalist Dom, Federal Police sources, citing Federal Police sources, citing Federal Police sources, citing Federal Police sources. Phillips.

The remains of two people arrived in Brasilia on Thursday evening. The bodies were found Wednesday afternoon after a suspect was arrested in the investigation into Phillips’ disappearance, and activist Bruno Pereira reported the place where the bodies were buried, about 3.1 kilometers from the area where the crime would have taken place. They both disappeared on June 5, in the Valle de Javari, in the Amazon region.

In a statement, the Brazilian Federal Police confirmed the identification of one of the bodies. “The basis of the forensic dental exam was emphasized along with the forensic anthropology exam. The statement added that work is underway to fully identify the remains, understand the causes of death and determine the dynamics of crime and cover-up.”

According to versions of federal police sources, the Phillips family sent tests with the characteristics of the journalist’s dental braces, which helped establish the identification. After the dental arches are examined, DNA testing of the remains should be performed for a second confirmation.

The investigation into the other remains of the body, which may be that of the activist Bruno Pereira, is still under investigation. The Federal Police is still waiting for family documents and examination analysis.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price offered his condolences Friday to the families of British journalist Dom Phillips and indigenous expert Bruno Pereira “who were killed for supporting the preservation of rainforests and indigenous peoples” in Brazil.

“We are calling for accountability and justice: We must collectively strengthen efforts to protect environmental defenders and journalists,” tweet price.

This report has been prepared with information from Rodrigo Pedroso, Maya-Lisa Ellinger, Kenzo Machida, and Jennifer Hauser.

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