Ryan Grantham, the actor who killed his mother, also plotted the assassination of the Canadian Prime Minister

Actor Ryan Grantham, best known for his roles in “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and “Riverdale” and who has pleaded guilty to the murder of his mother, will also face charges of plotting to assassinate Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Information It was announced during Grantham’s murder verdict hearingAccording to Canadian media CBC, which accepted his sentence.

However, during the prosecution’s briefing, it was revealed The 24-year-old loaded his car with three firearms, ammunition and dozens of Molotov cocktails.Camping materials needed and the Trudeau family’s home addresses.

But according to the specialized website Complex Canada, the actor never reached his original destination, choosing to surrender to a barracks in the Canadian city of Vancouver.

Along the same lines, Grantham had written his intentions to assassinate the Prime Minister in his diaryIn addition to his confession of criminal intent in his statements before the police officers.


CBC reported that Grantham killed his mother, Barbara Waite (64), by shooting her in the back of the head. While she was playing the piano, in March 2020.

They also indicated that the young man also He recorded himself rehearsing the crime, including videos showing his mother’s body after killing her.

According to psychiatric reports obtained by CBC, Grantham suffered from clinical depression long before the murder and that he “faced motives to commit violence and commit suicide.”


In Canada, if someone is convicted of second-degree murder, they are automatically sentenced to life in prison, with the only variable being the years the offender must wait before they are eligible for parole.

According to CBC, prosecutors are requesting between 17 and 18 years of parole eligibility.

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