Referee dies after being beaten by players and fans

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The real tragedy was what happened in Salvadoran professional footballwe will judgment died because of received multiple hits By several people during a game.

According to various reports, hissing 63 years old and belonging to the National Association of Arbitrators of El Salvador (AAFES), She was attacked by football players and fans After the player is expelled.

Joseph Arnold Amaya she was attack her first Footballera The person who showed the red card later He was beaten by other team members and its followers.

The Salvadoran Football Association Condemns, regrets and rejects the physical abuse that resulted in a fatal outcome in humanity for the judgment of José Arnoldo Amaya, by fake fans and players during a game he was directing at Toluca Stadium in San Salvador, “Posted Visfoot on their social networks.

Even though Amaya was immediately taken to the hospital, Yellowy couldn’t recover and Died of internal bleeding.

arrested person

Derived from these facts, Salvadoran police I mentioned it was Arrested an alleged whistling attackerwho will be a member of a dangerous gang known as Maw Maw.

This criminal belongs to these gangster circles, Terrorist groups that legitimized death. This theme also has a trigger profile within the gang called Mau Mau. It is a reflection of what these terrorist groups have done to our Salvadoran people.

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