National strike: Guillermo Laso warns that the gradual use of force will be used to mobilize and renews the call for dialogue | approach | News

On the night of Thursday, June 16 at the end of The fourth day of the national strike, president Guillermo Laso addressed the country On a national network to talk about the social protests that have erupted against his government since Monday.

The president stressed that during these days of mobilization he acted “with extreme caution.” Despite the damage it causedWe had no injuries or reports of abuse by general power.

The president insisted Prepare for dialogue He noted that many organizations, such as the Church, the United Nations, and universities, have offered to mediate.

However, he warned that the government is ready for that Prevent the escalation of violence in demonstrations. includes the use of a file progressive use of force, Within the law, he said.

He pointed out that what sparked the discontent of society in the 2019 protests was the abolition of fuel subsidies, while Now there is no reason to justify the violence.”

secondly, He denied any intention to privatize Strategic sectors or public services.

Before he finished his message, Lasso announced that they were preparing Mechanisms to offset the economic impact of the epidemic and war between Russia and Ukraine. “We are looking for mechanisms to get rid of the debts of the poorest groups,” he stressed.

He concluded his speech by repeating the offer to speak with the opposition sectors. Without mentioning Leonidas Iza, president of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Kone), President Guillermo Laso said: “We have to sit at a table … together … look for solutions … Dialogue is the best way out.” (YO)

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