Marcelo Ebrard and the ridiculous idea of ​​ordering an Olympics for Mexico

Marcelo Ebrard during the 2022 Summit of the Americas (Reuters/Daniel Becerrell)

Marcelo Ebrard learned the lessons of the president well. Both are expert in manufacturing problems wherever there is a lull. The chancellor makes a bet that contains all the peculiarities of foolishness from any point of analysis: “In the Mexican Olympic Committee they ask me: ‘What if we hold another Olympics in our country?’ “I answer them: “Why not?” If we appreciate. If President Lopez Obrador allows it, we begin,” Ebrard wrote on his Twitter account.

Ebrard’s future mission occurs on the same day Mexico learns of the distribution of the 10 matches the country will host in the 2026 World Cup. Although Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey barely collected the leftovers that the United States decided to give them, that seems to be enough to stick your hands on fire to host the Olympics. .

Assuming that Mexico, indeed, has the economic and logistical capacity to organize the Olympics, and that this event also does not contradict some sacred tenets of presidential doctrine (for there is no event more wasteful than the Olympics and dozens of countries can confirm), the most natural thing It is to maintain a certain procedure and not shout from the rooftops. For example, Japan spent $15.4 billion.

In a country with 55 million poor people, like Mexico, the morals that Lopez Obrador preaches so much should serve to avoid such risky pronouncements, surely, the Tribune, whose sole purpose is to look good, in this case, with the Olympics. A committee: Not even fans are buying the smoke the chancellor wanted to sell on Twitter. On the contrary, his recklessness cost him the weekly punishment assigned to the four errors of faith.

Marcelo Ebrard is being bullied by half the world, and while it’s also an exaggeration to give importance to a false Twitter bug that will obviously be forgotten in a couple of days, McCullough stresses that this government likes to get into trouble on its own. What need to come out and say something like that? Do Ebrard and his teammates really have little to advise?

Mexico has no way of organizing the Olympic Games. The 10 Games of 2026 will give the government at that moment a lot of trouble, because such a small slice of the World Cup is enough to present an extensive list of problems to solve. But somehow we should be grateful for that low quota, because the truth is the country doesn’t have the face to ask for more.

The government cannot even guarantee that its athletes will compete in decent conditions, because it systematically deprives them of support and it is they who must drop money out of their pockets for proper preparation, as mentioned. Alexa Moreno Last year, after his brilliant performance in Tokyo 2020 Which many would like to hang without the slightest sense of shame. Or, as Arimy Fuentes said in an interview with Yahoo: Athletes would even prefer to forgo the economic prizes they promised so as not to face more problems.

And if there is still enough morals to ask for some Olympic GamesYou have to return the anniversary three months ago. The hateful images of the Corregidora stadium have spread around the world. Sports fans and ordinary people have witnessed what can happen in a Mexican stadium without any reaction to prevent or contain the barbarism.

But, in the end, it seems that all this does not matter a secretary Foreign relations, who more than an expert in it, in diplomacy, today decided to work as a professor of public relations. Perhaps he was in a political maze anticipating the commitments he would like to make in his six-year term. This recklessness only confirms what we have known for so long: Ebrard is campaigning, and henceforth, unsupported vows will be his compass.

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