Kairyu, the giant underwater turbine that Japan hopes to turn into the ‘future of energy’

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image source, IHI / NIDO

Japan is searching for an “inexhaustible” source of energy in the most improbable place: the deep ocean.

The Asian country has announced that it has successfully completed the testing phase (three and a half years) for the Kairyu plant, a giant plant with which it hopes to transform electricity production in its territory… and in the world.

The project pioneer in The Usestion of ocean currents Energy generation and its designers assert that it is one of the most powerful and least used natural resources today, so they anticipate that it could become part of the “energy future”.

Which is that while the sun – used for solar panels – and wind – used for wind turbines – are different, ocean currents almost always follow a steady flow, hence the companies behind the project calling a truly “inexhaustible” resource.

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