Finally, Spain reveals the amount owed by Cuba

Havana’s debts with Madrid are 2,030 million eurosA number that Pedro Sanchez’s government has not yet wanted to reveal, but to citizens’ questions it had no choice but to answer.

According to the Spanish media moncloa.comAnd the Cuba is the second country to which Spain has lent the most money, after GreeceIt owes 6,314 million. These sums could have been handed over as aid to countries such as China, Tunisia and Turkey.

These five are Madrid’s main debtors, and among themselves they add up to 71.7% of Spain’s total external debt.

The Pedro Sanchez government released this information this week According to moncloa.comAnd the The amount that Havana got is staggering” when it comes to a land ruled by a dictatorship. In this way, the government finances Cuba with a large sum of money while continuing to scratch the pockets of the Spaniards.”

After knowing the information Spanish MP Pablo Cambroneroa member of the so-called mixed group of Congress, And direct questions to the government to respond to what it is doing to collect the amounts owed.

In a post on his site Twitter profile, the legislator shared the letter sent to the government, as well as its acknowledgment of receipt. In the case of Cuba’s debts with Spain, What is financed by those more than 2,000 million euros granted to a dictatorship where political repression is an internationally confirmed fact?question.

Likewise, he wondered how to restructure said debt. He continued, “Have there been disagreements with any country?” , after he pointed out that The restructuring of Havana’s total debt has left the total debt at €1,855,084.

Cambronero concluded his letter by saying: “It is necessary to provide an explanation. I ask for it.”

In addition, the deputy, a former member of the Ciudadanos party and founder of the Congreso Escucha file, where citizens can leave the questions he takes care of after asking the CEO of Pedro Sanchez, warned that Venezuela is the eighth country on the list of creditors, albeit by an amount much lower than Cuba.

At the beginning of the month, a lawyer who asked the Spanish government for information about debt cancellation with the Cuban and Venezuelan regimes said that Madrid went to court to prevent the disclosure of those reports.

In December 2015, Spain, along with the Paris Club, signed a debt relief agreement with the Government of Cuba. In June 2021, an appendix to “reschedule the maturities of certain debts” was signed.

At the request of the official Transparency Council, Madrid later revealed the total amount of debt owed to Cuba, amounting to 1,937 million euros, but refused to provide the rest of the information.

New information is released when Havana has just held its annual meeting with the Paris Clubthat have not been paid since 2019. And in the 2021 balance sheet of the Organization of Creditor Countries, Cuba has 5211 million debtsnearly half of what he had when the agency ceded him the 11,000 million he had accumulated in 2015. After that agreement, the debt was restructured and Raul Castro promised to comply with the payments.

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