Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are “100% based on a dumbest theory,” says Bill Gates.

He also said that he does not agree with the anonymization of cryptocurrency investors because it is “used to evade taxes or other government regulations.

At a time when the value of major cryptocurrencies seems to have no ground, the American entrepreneur and philanthropist Bill Gates He questioned again about investing capital in cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFT, for short).

The billionaire announced during a TechCrunch talkAnd the who – which Cryptocurrencies and NFTs, “100% Based on Dumbest Theory”.

It is clear that expensive digital photos of monkeys will improve the world‘,” Gates said sarcastically, referring to the select and highly publicized Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, which has produced more than Billion dollar In sales, with celebrities like Madonna s Jimmy Fallon They collect their monkeys.

How much did the biggest crypto millionaires lose after the market crash?

He said the opposite crypto or NFTs” that are 100% based on some kind of stupider theory that someone will pay more for it than me, and where you have some of that unknown where you avoid taxes or any government rules. I don’t participate in it anyway. I don’t buy or sell any of these things.”

The financial theory that Gates is referring to suggests that money can sometimes be made by buying assets. exaggerated If those assets can be resell later at a higher price.

Bill Gates is not a fan of cryptocurrencyHis position has been known for a long time.

In the interview, Gates explained why he did not invest in cryptocurrency and said he does not agree to remain anonymous to crypto investors. “They are used to evade taxes or other government rules,” he said.

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