Bucaramanga ticket prices rise ahead of a possible discussion between Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernandez

Airlines flying to Bucaramanga want to “achieve the month of August” thanks to the “narrative” that has been compiled in the country as a result of the presidential debate ordered by the Bogota Supreme Court between Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernandez, ahead of the elections scheduled for Sunday, June 19.

Although Rodolfo Hernandez was initially reluctant to participate in this discussion because he considered it a “shameful and unconstitutional path of abuse”, he eventually said yes, but Provided that this is done in Bucaramanga for “security issues”.

To take advantage of this situation, many airlines have raised fares for tickets from Bogota to the capital of Santander, which is currently the residence of the candidate of the anti-corruption league’s conservative gang.

For example, in Avianca, A one-way ticket costs 1,061,340 or 946,850 pesos, if the idea is to travel on Thursday. You can get tickets a little cheaper on Friday, prices range from 306,770 to 1,061,340 pesos, depending on the time chosen.

If the presidential debate is confirmed, as nothing is firm yet, travelers can pay Saturday tickets that can range between 2,66770 and 631,260 pesos for a single trip to get to Ciudad Bonita.

Another airline flying to Bucaramanga is LATAM Airlines, which offers a single ticket for 1,102,460 or 810,350 pesos for Thursday, while As for Friday, the cheapest price is 269,500 pesos. Those who want to travel on Saturday will have to pay between 235,900 and 415,660 pesos, depending on the flight time.

For its part, Viva Air offers pocket-friendly tickets. For Thursday, it can be purchased for a minimum of 182,240 pesos, while one trip on Friday costs 514,100 pesos, as on Saturday, but the value is already reduced to 262,100 pesos.

Controversy yes, but not like that

From the first moment, Gustavo Petro said yes to the discussion. Otherwise, it happened with Rodolfo Hernandez, who took a long time to accept, because he considers the way in which it was carried out is illegal. In addition, he listed several conditions to be able to attend.

For example, Marelen Castillo (Vice-President Ticket) must participate in the discussion; Erica Sanchez, LIGA-elected Chamber Representative; Adriana Vargas, Campaign Volunteer Coordinator; Luisa Olegua, Communications Officer; Oscar Hernandez, the attorney who attended the guardianship, and Carlos Lemos, the volunteer coordinator.

He also requested that issues such as “the dirty campaign to discredit political rivals, political alliances of candidates, arbitrary use of budget resources for campaigns, violation of spending limits, ambiguous campaign funding sources, and willingness to accept elections simply and clearly. Results or conditioning only if favorable to him and exclusively.”

Similarly, Hernandez invited Petro to Ensure who will bear the costs of transmission in RTVC. He said to her, “I suppose you will have resources in millions of dollars, which is convenient, because on my part I will not allocate a single peso, because I also consider it an unnecessary waste of money.”

Likewise, he told the Historic Charter candidate that he must bear the travel expenses of the six persons who imposed the guardianship, where they must attend, under pain of contempt of judgment of the judges.

The Anti-Corruption Governors Association candidate also claimed this Hope our discussion hosts are Vicki Davila, Darcy Quinn, and Jessica de la Peñaas well as three men appointed by mutual agreement.

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