What was Mavi Walker accused of communicating with astral beings

Modern women in social networks for their content. Photo: TikTok: @mafewalkerstarseed

For weeks, the Colombian has become one of the most relevant personalities in social networks. Mavi Walker, as she is known, is now a popular image of her supposed ability to communicate with extraterrestrial beings. That talent that she claims led her, not only to add millions of views to her videos, but also to be one of the featured guests of international variety shows. Walker has reached high levels of prominence on the Internet, however, and it is not the only benefit he has achieved. According to what is known, the Colombian is accused of sessions in which she undertakes to speak with beings from other planets.

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If you want a session with the self-designed broker, you need to calculate the amount of time you want. Activating the Galaxy and Energy Link symbols, you tell them, can cost up to 7$5, which is about 295,000 Colombian pesos. You can make an appointment with her from $25, which is 98,000 Colombian pesos.

Walker can be contacted through his official Instagram account or from his WhatsApp. Although some people have asserted that the services provided by the Colombian are fraudulent, she asserted that she had supernatural powers since her birth, but confirmed that she decided to give her a chance in 2012.

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“Since I was very young, I had extrasensory sensations and blocked them as a child, but since 2012 a portal has been opened and I receive and receive these codes,” the woman said in an interview with Radio W.

“I received all of your wisdom that we have bound and opened up my entire channel, all knowledge. Through Agatha, I remembered all my spiritual gifts, all the memories we carry in the DNA of other galaxies, constellations, stars, and other planets, and my body, and all my data, began to activate,” he said. The mediator, in an interview with hosts Borghetti and Roger González of the Mexican program “Venga la alegría” on TV Azteca.

It’s sound frequencies. It’s a galactic frequency emitted through the vocal cords. It sounds strange, it’s curious, but you have to feel it because I am a bridge of communication between the divine here on Earth (…) Sometimes they are visible and appear to me, other times I picture them with coniferousness,” he added.

A mysterious expert, faced with the enormous popularity of the Colombian, came out to explain and deny what Walker had said. Rael as the man is known, said that women do not communicate with aliens, on the contrary, what they do is repeat phrases from videos that you watch on YouTube.

“The lady speaks Sumerian without saying that she is Sumerian, and worst of all, she steals information that has been studied and explained by a philologist on YouTube, which offers free lessons on dead languages. You do not play with Sumerian (…) It is the same The language in which they invoked pazuzu (King of Wind Demons) in The Exorcist, explained the expert.

Rael confirmed that the woman deceives those who believe in her words, so she called for not trusting her. “You can also contact aliens if you study dead languages ​​and are interested in other words (…) you study dead languages ​​and teach classes. Ultimately, the lady takes advantage of their ignorance by accusing them of something you watched for free on YouTube for 3 years.”

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