What is the trading price on Thursday 16th of June?

The central bank had to make the biggest foreign exchange sale of the year, at the end of the day, with a negative balance of about $200 million, since then Orders rose amid trading releases about the tightening of the exchange rate.

According to market sources, energy demand was in the range of 180 million US dollars, while a decrease in the liquidation of the grain complex was observed, which is much lower than the expected average for this time, which is presumably as a result of the widening of the exchange rate gap.

The monetary authority is at a crossroads since it agreed with the International Monetary Fund to boost its reserves, but It becomes difficult for him to achieve the agreed goals.

The market is under heavy pressure on the currency amid rising inflation, at a critical time for sovereign assets complicated by fears of a global recession.

The price of the solidarity dollar Thursday, June 16th

The Savings Dollars or Solidarity Dollars-which includes 30% COUNTRY tax and 35% deductible from profits- Offers 26 cents to $211.51 in the middle.

Wholesale price in dollars, Thursday 16 June

The wholesale dollar, which is directly regulated by the BCRA, rose 22 cents to $122.92. In the short week that just ended, the wholesale exchange rate rose by $1.13, somewhat higher than the previous week’s adjustment.

The price of the dollar CCL, Thursday, June 16

Dollar Calculated in Liquid (CCL) – Run with Global Bond 2030- It rose $3.23 (+1.4%) to $241.55, where the gap with the wholesale exchange rate is 96.5%.

The price of the dollar MEP Thursday 16 June

MEP الدولار dollar-Also with Global Estimate 2030- Increases $3.31 (+1.4%) until the $233.14, that is, the difference with the official exchange rate is 89.7%.

The price of the blue dollar, Thursday, June 16th

The The blue dollar fell for the second day in a row, losing one dollar to $216, according to a survey conducted by Ámbito in the black foreign exchange market.

After touching its historic nominal record of $224 on Tuesday, the parallel dollar fell $8 the day before and was trading lower this Thursday again.

with everythingthe exchange rate gap between the blue dollar and the official wholesale dollar has narrowed to 75.8%.

In this way, the file The unofficial dollar widens the gap against the financial dollar, which is up to $239.

Crypto dollar price, Thursday 16 June

The crypto dollar, or bitcoin dollar, fell 2.4% to $232.14, Based on average between local exchanges reported by Coinmonitor.

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