‘We set everything on fire’: the threat of young people if Gustavo Petrol loses the election

There are less than four days left for Colombians to go to the polls again to elect a new president for Colombia. Citizens will have to choose between two candidates: Gustavo Petro or Rodolfo Hernandez.

Although both candidates have large social groups in their favour, who consider one or the other to be the solution to the change that Colombia needs, the truth is that in the midst of competition, hatred between these sectors is growing every day. In fact, There is already talk of alleged violence plans that could be developed towards the end of Election Day on June 19.

An example is a video shared by the elected representative of the Democratic Center Chamber, Andres Forero, which shows a group of young people talking about serious intentions to assemble “Pogotazo 2.0” in the event of Petro’s loss of the presidency to the hand of engineer Hernandez.

“We will strike,” a young woman said when asked what plans they would have if their leader did not win on Sunday.

Bogotazo, yes. Let’s put things together, let’s put something strong together, let’s light everything up. But don’t kill Petro.”They said.

Finally, one of the young men in attendance emphasized that the violence would continue until Petro did not gain power: “If he loses, the shit will be armed until Petro wins.”

There will be a social explosion.

This video is in line with the statements of Sofia Petro, daughter of Gustavo Petro, regarding the future of the country in the event that her father is not Ivan Duque’s successor as President of Colombia.

In an interview with the newspaper CountryFrom Spain, the young woman, who voted for the first time in the presidential election on May 29, asserted that Petro’s failure to win could lead to an unprecedented social outburst in recent years.

“We cannot allow him to be president (Rodolfo Hernandez) (…). I think, in my opinion, that if that were the case, it could lead to a social explosion much worse than last yearSofia Petro said, citing the national strike that took place in Colombian territory between April and June 2021.

Then he added: “The other option in the second rounds has always seemed very bad to us, it has always frightened us, that it can cause social disasters, which is what happened in Colombia last year with the outbreak of social disease and what happened in my country. Opinion, it can happen. Once again with a possible presidency of Rodolfo.”

For their part, Internet users did not hesitate to reject these words, stressing that “it will be the last straw if they set the country on fire just because of a defeat that will occur in a democratic framework.”

“Ah, how beautiful, now they threaten us if we do not vote for them”; “So if ‘Papito’ doesn’t win, will moms bounce?”and “The last straw! Now they will bring the dirty war to the streets”, these are some of the comments that can be read about it on social networks.

Fico or Rodolfo Hernandez?

In the interview, the young woman, who was very active in her father’s campaign, spoke about her impressions of the second presidential run and whether or not she was satisfied with the opponent that Pietro would face.

As he explained, before May 29, Rodolfo was almost unknown to the political situation in the country, therefore, on paper, She and the rest of Petrismo’s team were hoping that the favorite to be defeated in the second round would be Fico Gutiérrez.

On a strategic level? maybe yes. If I’d prefer Fico or Rodolfo to win in the end, I don’t know how to answer. I think I would have preferred Rodolfo before because, like many people, I didn’t really listen to him. “Now that he’s got all the lights on, I figure I don’t want him at all as president, and certainly not Fico either,” Sofia Pietro said.

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