The Secretary of Correction requests the intervention of the National Intelligence in the investigation into the death of Chanel Cologne

Secretary of the Correctional and Rehabilitation Department Ana Escobar Baboonreferred to today Office of Special Investigations (NIE) From the Ministry of Justice the findings of the initial report regarding the death of the inmate Chanel Cologne Bonus for the purpose of conducting an investigation.

In written statements, Escobar said, “The Bureau of Investigation of the Correction and Rehabilitation Department is conducting an administrative investigation and yesterday issued a partial report on what happened before, during and after this unfortunate event.”

“In addition, it includes a description of the alleged actions of employees who worked that day. The DCR investigation seeks to expose management failures; while the investigation you requested from National Intelligence covers the criminal angle.”

Escobar Papón explained that this referral seeks to broaden the perspective of the investigation and ensure purity and transparency in dealing with the facts for the people of Puerto Rico.

“The goal is for the NIE to determine whether negligence was implicated in the actions of officials who acted on the day of the events and, if so, to establish responsibilities through relevant agencies,” he said.

The DCR is continuing its investigations in close cooperation with the Institute of Forensic Sciences, the Puerto Rican Police, and the Correctional System’s Bureau of Investigation; Entities that visited the women’s rehabilitation complex in Bayamon yesterday.

Colon Ponce entered the Correctional Center in April 2022 on charges of illegal vehicle seizure. In an interview with Primera Hora, Escobar said that the day before the accident, the woman had been discharged from the Corrections Department’s psychiatric hospital.

According to the preliminary investigation by the authorities, the young woman allegedly committed suicide on Thursday, June 2 at 5:44 pm, amid a supervised transfer to her cell. It is assumed that the security cameras of the place are down due to an electrical fault.

The Colon-Ponce family demonstrated for several days in front of the prison complex, demanding that the recordings of the moment the woman died be released to confirm the officers’ account.

Meanwhile, the Committee on Community Initiatives, Mental Health and Addiction, chaired by the independent senator, Jose Vargas Vidot It announced last Friday that it would launch a legislative investigation into the “suspicious circumstances” of Colon Ponce’s death.

“Right now, there is a lot of uncertainty and concern about deaths in prisons, and this unfortunate event opens the door for us to find out what is happening in prisons and the emergence of a mental health problem in them. The Department of Correction and Rehabilitation has a duty and responsibility to keep The life and health of the persons in custody.

The Committee on Public Safety and Veterans Affairs, chaired by the new Progressive Senator Henry Newman Zias It will assist in the investigation.

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