The five Iranians held in Argentina were on a Venezuelan plane – the investigation unit

The link between the system The case of Nicolas Maduro and Iran was confirmed again by a case that confused and alerted the Argentine authorities.

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This is the retention, last weekend, of a Boeing 747-300M, with registration YV3531, flying the Venezuelan flag, which mustered He warned five Iranians outside the intelligence agencies.

This is the YV3531 itinerary.

EL TIEMPO investigated and established that, according to international platforms, the plane was seen near Providencia (Colombia) on June 4.

So far it is known that the plane took off from Mexico and landed in Argentina on June 6. Two days later, on June 8, he tried to land in Uruguay, but the permit was refused there, so he had to return to Argentina with Spare parts for 14 Venezuelans and 5 Iranians.

What caught the attention of the authorities was that the alleged crew, consisting of 19 foreigners, exceeded the officially announced number.

Added to this contradiction is the warning from intelligence agencies that have monitored a large Iranian presence in Venezuela and Hezbollah cells in Colombia.

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EL TIEMPO investigated and made sure that, according to international platforms, the plane was seen near Providencia (Colombia). On June 4th. Next, he left Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico, on Sunday, June 5, at 8:11 p.m., bound for Maiquetia, Venezuela.

He arrived in that country at 12:40 am on June 6. The platforms don’t record the flight to Argentina, but it ended there. In addition, it is known that on May 21 he made the flight from Caracas to Tehran; On May 25, it landed in Moscow after flying over Azerbaijan.

Iran Providence Trip

Flight YV3531 was seen flying near the island of Providencia.

After entering Argentina, information was received from foreign organizations warning that part of the crew belonged to companies linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.Argentine Security Minister Anibal Fernandez said on Monday.

Unofficial sources confirm that the device is connected for Emtrasur, a subsidiary of Venezuelan airline Conviasa, which is weighing the sanctions the US Treasury has imposed against it.

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And although the 19 crew members were allowed to sleep at Ezeiza airport so that they could later leave Argentina, they were unable to transport the Boeing plane with tanks: “They were given permission to sleep and did not leave due to lack of fuel. “Companies here do not want to impose duties on (fuel) because of possible sanctions from the United States,” Fernandez added.

Iran Providence Trip

Flight YV3531 was sighted near Providencia Island.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards?

Anibal Fernandez, Argentina

Anibal Fernandez, Argentina’s Minister of Security.


argentina government

But the issue has become more complicated. The DAIA delegation did not mention the attack on the AMIA Center for the Argentine Jewish Community in 1994, which left 85 dead and about 300 wounded.

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They noted in a public statement that the plane was actually owned by Mohan Air, which had also been penalized, prompting them to file a complaint that led to federal judge Federico Villena. Order to withhold passports of Iranian crew members ‘for 72 hours’“.

In addition, airport police were instructed to “report any movement” of the Boeing 747.


And now the Minister of Security confirmed that Gholamreza Qasemi, the pilot of the plane, coincides with the captain of the plane. A member of the so-called Iranian Revolutionary Guard, a group designated as terrorist by the United States. The other Iranians arrested are Mohammad Khosrowraj, Mehdi Moussalli, Saeed Walizadeh and Abdelbaset Mohammadi.

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DAIA asserts that this type From flights with this crew endanger Argentina and all of South America.

Research and investigation

And now the Minister of Security confirmed that Gholam Reza Qasemi, the pilot of the plane, coincides with the so-called Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

At the moment, Iranians who are staying in a hotel near Plaza Central Canning Airport, Their fingerprints were taken to verify their identities against INTERPOL’s databases.

The operation was carried out after a raid of the Argentine federal forces.

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in the meantime, Venezuelan crew members are waiting for the judge to decide whether to allow them to travel.

Horace Cartes

Horacio Cartes resigned as President of Paraguay to become a Senator.

Paraguay branch

What caught the attention of this plot was that the same Boeing 747 malfunctioning in Argentina flew through Paraguay last May. On that occasion, he was not transporting auto parts, but apparently the cigarettes were from Tacabalera del Este SA (Tabesa).

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Such as EL TIEMPO exclusively revealed, in 2014, that the tobacco company is linked to the former president of Paraguay, Horacio Cartes.

As revealed at the time, it was estimated at nearly $200 million annually. They have been laundered by the Colombian mafia, including the extinct FARC, Through the illegal sale of cigarette packs of that tobacco company’s Ibiza, Marine and Roomba brands.

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