The driver of the car who hit a pedestrian in the Rio Grande returns to the hospital

The driver who allegedly ran over a 62-year-old man yesterday in Rio Grande is back in hospital today, after being discharged last night, after suffering a health accident yesterday that led to the suspension of the indictment against him.

Julio Edwin Jiménez Rosario, 27, returned to Fajardo Court today, where the complaints will be filed this afternoon, but he had another problem with his blood pressure, which led to him being taken to hospital again, police said.

The Fajardo County District Attorney’s Office has said it will charge him with the murder of Pedro Vázquez Robert, whose body was dismembered due to the car crash.

According to the assistant director of the Transit Office, Elvis Zeno, the collision caused part of the pedestrian’s body to fall on the “dash” of the car and the driver continued to drive to his residence.

He added that it was the driver’s mother who called the police after learning what had happened.

According to the police office, the man dumped 0.19% of alcohol into his body, more than double the 0.08% limit set in Law 22.

Yesterday afternoon, the hearing to file charges was interrupted when Jiménez Rosado had to take him to the emergency room of a hospital in the area.

After he was discharged, he returned to Fajardo Court, first, for a preliminary hearing he had held in the morning for another case of gender-based violence against his former partner, but was postponed because a police officer in the case was not there. Available and departed on June 28th.

The hearing on the death of Vázquez Robert was scheduled for 2:00 in the afternoon. It is not immediately known whether it will continue or if it will be postponed to a later date.

The Ministry of Justice said new day The plaintiffs will appear in court until 5:00 pm to continue the proceedings once Jiménez Rosario is released. Until 2:00 PM, the man had not made it to court.

female lawyer , Ricardo Prietowrote to new day that Jiménez Rosario was taken to hospital and that the continuation of the hearing would depend on his client’s discharge. At the moment, the court has not indicated that the hearing will be suspended.

Although the Office of the Highway Patrol initially investigated, the case remained in the hands of the Fajardo District Criminal Investigative Corps homicide division for the type of crime that would be filed after the driver left the scene.

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