“Run the current, pinga!”: Cuban university students protest scholarship in Camagüey

Young Cuban scholarship recipients, students from the University of Camaguey, protested Tuesday night against the appalling conditions in which they live.exacerbated by power outages and water shortages.

To the rhythm of conga, metal beats and a huge chorus of “Turn me on, Dick!”the students conveyed their annoyance, and, apparently, They have managed, for the time being, to urge the authorities to restore these services.according to subsequent official information.

magazine alma mater He reported the protest in a social media post, specifying that “the focus was on the Agramonte headquarters (Central Campus) around 7:00 pm this Tuesday.”

According to a media collaborator at the university center, the demonstration “came with the aim of implementing it.” Complaints about infrastructure problems and unfavorable conditions in student housing. ”

“The reasons are related to Frequent effects of electrical service and water shortage. at the time of the event, Students were without power for some time during installation. The board is known to maintain a dialogue with the students! The university is quiet alma mater.

Journalist Jose Raul Gallego noted this on Facebook Students at Camaguey University, as in most Cuban scholarships, live in deplorable conditions: Leaks, poor lighting, lack of transportation, mattresses and bunk beds in very poor condition, some Few hours of water a day, poor diet. Thus, they have to bear large amounts of studies, physical exercise, work, participation in political activities and additional teaching activities.

The student catharsis was preceded on Tuesday night Complaints on social networks about the situation.

Therefore, no one lives and studies at the university. That’s what I had for lunch three days in a row.” denounce on Monday The user identified on Twitter as Rubielito Suárez.

Share Suárez photos Tray of food for three consecutive days: White rice, a very decadent stew, a small portion of a plantain and a piece of faded watermelon as an topping one day.

On top of that, he deplores that they also lack current. “After eating that and filling up with water we can’t sleep either to forget about hunger. I cant take it anymoreSuarez said.

Another student replied to Suarez, “In my house we’ve been like this since last week,” and showed the tray of white rice and pea soup that, he said, they had had for lunch the past seven days.

And in another message, Rubilito Suarez noted: “The food has always been bad, but at least one was coming out and you can have pizza, bread or juice“.

“Currently, almost all the stalls in there sell everything that is very expensive and almost all they have is MLC products. A 30-peso loaf does not fill you up and there is no economy for two,” he said.

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