Round Two: Claudia Lopez Letters to Petro and Rodolfo – Election News – Election 2022

Mayor Claudia Lopez on Wednesday responded to the statements of the two candidates vying for the second round of presidential elections today.Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernandez.

Her statements coincided with issues related to the state capital and some of the projects it developed.

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“The citizens of Bogotá and this mayor greatly appreciate the commitment of @ingrodolfohdez to this Full continuation of the projects that we finance and implement with the nationLopez, President of Bogota, told the presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernandez.

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In addition, also send a message to Gustavo Petroaspired to the House of Nariño for historical charter.

“Continuing and improving roads and social infrastructure, moving forward and not retreating, with complete transparency and social justice, is what Bogota and Colombia require.
Thank you, dear Gustavo, for your commitment. The people of Bogotá will go freely to the polls on Sunday. luck. Hug”

However, he also mentioned the former mayor of the country’s capital Continuity of Line 1 of the Bogota Metro and other important city projectsbecause the leader human columbia Suggest not to develop this transmission mechanism highUnlike that Underground.

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