Power cuts strangle Cuban regime: more protests and “Díaz-Canel Singao” posters in several provinces

reverberation Camaguey students protest against power cuts The perilous conditions in which they live on a college scholarship were felt on Wednesday, this time in Manzanillo, Granma, where Casirolazo rocked Wednesday night between shouts, once again, “Run the stream, pinga.”.

Publication of photojournalist protest Mario J. benton in their social networksWho explained that he spoke with the people of the neighborhood in which the demonstration took place. Soon after the cacerolazo “they put electricity”.

“Wow, Mario Benton, there you are. Here in Manzanillo they throw themselves on the street. More than 12 hours without electricityAn unidentified Cuban woman said she had recorded the video.

In the middle of the darkness you see A group of Cubans with pans, some shouting the same phrase chanted by the youth of Camaguey University to the rhythm of the conga..

“Okay today The conga protest was organized in Manzanillo. Half an hour later they turned on the electricity. This is what is there and this is what it touches. This is the case in the whole world. If you are abused, you protest. They can’t with people on the streets demanding the same thing that even the police and the army themselves want. The only ones who do not lose power are the leaders and their relatives, and they do not have the courage to go out and confront anyone. It seems that inter-provincial imitation of the 11J headquarters will be difficult,” considered journalist Jose Raul Gallego on his personal Facebook page.

The Resentment about the power outages was also evident in the towns of Baota, Artemisa, Camaguani and Villa Clara.where they appeared Painted on public walls with the words “Díaz-Canel singao”.

The independent magazine published the poster that appeared in BOTA Cuban time. The phrase was written outside the city bank. According to a source from the media, who asked not to be named, “This happened after they cut the electricity to the site for the second time that day, and it is also known that the accident site is under surveillance.”

The first blackout occurred at 9:00 AM and lasted until 4:00 PM, and thereafter from 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM. The report added that “Bautens suffers from so-called blackouts on a daily basis for at least four hours without prior notice. This situation has been going on for nearly a month now.”

On the other hand, Twitter user El_IngenieroCu general that on a Tuesday in Camajuaní they removed the power from 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM, the church garden in that municipality woke up with Cartel vs. Diaz-Canel.

“At this rate, the illustrators are going to be working all the time,” said the netizen, who shared the graffiti photo.

The The worsening energy crisis affecting all of Cuba Matanzas Electric Company forced to plan Electricity outages at night from Wednesday, even for hospital areas and oil wells from that county.

Official Gazette geronne Posted that Faults or outages due to maintenance of important power generation industries are the main reasons for the complex situation in Matanzas. He added that due to the generation deficit, there is not enough capacity to meet the demand of the residential sector day and night.

Long power outages cause Interruptions in water supply services, but also in mobile and fixed lines in Camaguey County.

According to a note published by the local newspaper Beforethese outages occur because the base stations and tanks that support these services run out of backup capacity during a power outage lasting more than four hours.

The Prolonged power cuts in Cuba have increased shortages of food and other essential products To make the daily life of families more dangerous.

In Sancti Spiritus, thousands of liters of milk were lost in Compinado Laccio and bakeries did not open on Wednesday due to a lack of electricity, independent journalist Adriano Castaneda told Radio Marte TV.

“The Camilo Cienfuegos Clinical Surgical Provincial Hospital is in a very difficult situation, there Power outage and no water‘ added the caller.

Activist Ramon Zamora, who lives in Holguín, said the discomfort there is enormous.

“Roughly, practically. What we have is tiny lumpirons, and what this generates is a very large popular resentment“, he added.

Also in Bayamo, Granma, residents protested against power cuts and food shortages, Emiliano Gonzalez says.

“People protest and cry also at night in the dark so that they will not be recognized, Slogans against the government and its leaderssaid the farmer, who experienced blackouts throughout Tuesday night in his area.

“As soon as the blackout started last night, here, two blocks from my house, there is a freely convertible currency (MLC) shop they have thrown stones at,” said Daniel Alfaro, a resident of San Antonio de los Baños.

Meanwhile, in the capital of Pinar del Rio, there Banging the pot during a power outageActivist Jose Rolando Casares.

“previously There is a Caserolazos because the time of blackout is increasing. The power outage has already exceeded nine consecutive hours. Even in the face of residents’ complaints, they (the authorities) took the action of separating the phone numbers from the residents at Unión Eléctrica,” Casares denounced.

Tuesday, Miguel Diaz-Canel promised a solution, albeit “slow”, to the “very bad situation” in Cuba. In a meeting in which he resorted to various slogans to deal with the energy crisis and try to calm down Disruptions in the city due to the constant power outages And questioning that from within society is being conducted on the dome of power.

“We have to be aware of anything Population dissatisfaction with immediate attendance, explanation, discussion and, where possible, resolved. “We should always win with the truth,” Diaz-Canel said.

“We are convinced of that We will always win, even in the worst situations; We have the ability and we will do it“, a promise.

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