Orlando’s confessed killer Jorge Mira asks to speak to the press to give his version of events

It is in the country’s interest to know everything that happened about the assassination of the Minister of Environment, Orlando Jorge MiraThe acknowledged author asked the National Prosecutor’s Office to allow him to give an interview to various media To give his version of the facts.

Miguel Cruz de la Motain a case sent to the Prosecutor of the National District, Rosalpa Ramos, through her lawyers, Manuel Sierra Perez and Ebo Rene Sánchez, requesting an interview To be held in the cell in which he is imprisoned With journalists Julissa Cespedes and Alicia Ortega, Z-101, El Sol de la Mañana, without limiting it to other media.

In the request for jurisprudence of the accused’s defense, Imprisoned in Ngayo Prisonrequests that the interview be in the presence of officials of the Public Prosecution Office, for their own good, the Public Prosecutor appointed for the corresponding legal purposes.

“This man (Miguel Cruz de la Mota) forcefully asked us that he wants us Society and the media listen to his version “What happened?” said Yebo Renee.

Manuel Sierra said they are also asking Attorney General Ramos to give him a copy of the interview he had with his client a few minutes after the crime, as well as a copy of the videos from the outside and inside. environment.

Likewise, they asked the Public Prosecution Office to hand over all WhatsApp conversations on the defendant’s phone, from the past three days until the last hours when Cruz de la Mota handed them over to the authorities.

Cruz de la Mota was arrested for The death of his childhood friendwhich took place on June 6 in the environment offices.

According to the prosecution’s file, Faust Miguel Cruz, Nicknamed “Carnday”, he planned to assassinate the Minister, because he was against it Grant permissions To export 5,000 tons of used batteries through Aurum Gavia, SA

Presumably, the defendant was frustrated that he “camped for the PRM and they didn’t solve it”.

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