Muila is what the Camagüey authorities give the students who protested

Officials from the Communist Party of Camaguey, from the local power company and officials from Camaguey University reassured the students for the educational institution It appears during a power outage Tuesday That the event was due to “a fault in one of the circuits feeding the center”.

In a meeting with hundreds of students, Because of this, officials said, there was an outage of about 15 hourswhich would have meant “extension in time for the blackout,” the Camagüey government noted on its Facebook wall.

According to a report by the official journalist Juan Mendoza Medina of Radio Cadena Agramonte, the publication stated, there was “information, communication and dialogue. There was understanding” in the meeting.

objectwhose photos spread like wildfire on social networks, Shrinked by official reports to blackoutAccording to the official magazine alma mater “Produced for the purpose of making claims about problems with infrastructure and unfavorable conditions in student housing.”

She added, “The reasons are related to the frequent damage to the electrical service and the lack of water.” At the time of the accident, the students were without power for some time at the facility. The board is known to maintain a dialogue with the students! The university is quiet.”

In videos of the events, hundreds of people can be seen at the university premises, to the beat of conga and metal rhythms, chanting “Turn on the current, binga!” , referring to another chorus, released on networks weeks before 11J in Conga who challenged in Bayamo “Oh, prick the police!”.

At another moment, dozens of young men were heard saying: “Water and stream!”

Along the same lines, The demonstration came amid apparent tension with the regime, after Cuban mother Amelia Calzadela sparked a wave of solidarity. After a widely circulated direct message, the Cuban authorities demanded the resignation of their positions due to their apparent inability to ensure a decent life for the citizens.

On the wall of Camagüey’s government, many forum members questioned the “understanding” that the report says existed at the university.

From the students’ faces, they don’t seem to believe in the ‘cheap revolutionary age’ that was given to them to justify the disaster of the country in which they had to live. Poor boys ”, wrote Maria Elena Rangel, referring to the photos of those who attended the event that appear in the publication.

Manilien Morales Lazo noted: “Just look at who is writing the short article: one of the promoters who defended the act of divorce that was executed against Father Alberto Reyes. What I like most is the part where he made it clear that there was communication and dialogue. If this is the press, I am Miss Universe. (…) Any self-respecting journalist makes this unbelievable, unbelievable, and unreasonable media remark.”

As the regime tries to quell the isolated bouts of discordhoping to avoid a situation similar to the one that led to the social explosion at the national level 11J, The living conditions of Cubans today are worse than they were a year ago.

In recent days, many thermal power plant outages and accumulated power generation deficits have resulted in power outages of up to 12 hours. This situation has no short-term solution.

According to the state-owned Unión Eléctrica, On Wednesday, the energy deficit reached 20% nationwide.

On Tuesday, the cuts were more than estimated, because during peak hours 653 megawatts (28% of expected generation) was missing to meet demand. The cuts were in place throughout the early hours of Wednesday and “effects on service throughout the day and night are expected today.”

Between malfunctions and maintenance tasks, the Máximo Gómez and Diez de Octubre thermal plants are out of service, each with two units down, while four other thermal plants out of three other thermal plants are not providing power to the national system due to maintenance work.

“In distributed generation, 1,134 MW is not available due to breakdown and 539 MW is subject to maintenance and the restrictions on thermal generation (422 MW) are ongoing,” the entity said.

Miguel Diaz-Canel confirmed that “the power outages will continue in the coming days”Because of plant malfunctions, lack of fuel for distributed generation, and maintenance work being done to enter the summer in a better situation.

The government has already admitted a few days ago that the situation of the national electricity system is “tense” and that “difficult days” are waiting before the hottest months of the year, with the highest consumption, arrive.

In the past 11 months, the Electricity Consortium has reported more than 300 damages to most of the 13 . thermal power plants (Eight land and five floating) service is provided in the state.

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