Manager Who Accidentally Sold Gasoline for 69 Cents in Rancho Cordova Loses His Job and Demands $20,000 | NIVISION 19 Sacramento KUVS

On Thursday last week, Szczecin changed prices at petrol pumps, but never noticed that the decimal number of the price of premium gasoline was left in the wrong place.

Change the price error From $6.99 to 69 cents a gallonHundreds of drivers who found happiness that day used the pump when filling their car tanks for less than $10.

A mistake that cost $20,000, according to the station in Rancho Cordova

The manager of the Shell gas station located on Sunrise Boulevard at White Rock Junction in Rancho Cordova took responsibility for what happened.

“I said yes, it was my fault,” said Szccina ABC7.

The manager’s error was originally estimated at $16,000; However, her sister, Paula Jackson, detailed it in a post on the site GoFundMethat final notification to owners It was 20,000 dollars.

According to station owners John Szczecina He asks you to pay money He lost due to his fault, so his family started a GoFundMe to help him raise money.

Even the former director of the station now fears that the owners will sue him.

Pain from rising gas prices

The decimal error brought joy and comfort to hundreds of motorists who managed to fill their tanks with cheap gasoline.

However, the reality for drivers in Sacramento is that the average price of regular gasoline Exceeds $6 per gallonAccording to AAA.

In Sacramento, regular gasoline averages $6.44 a gallon, while premium gasoline averages $6.79 a gallon.

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