LUMA Energy demands 17.1% increase in electricity bill from July to September

Loma Energy The Puerto Rican Office of Energy, Wednesday, requested a 4,955 cents-per-kilowatt-hour, or 17.1%, increase in the electric bill for its resident customers in the third quarter of 2022.

The consortium submitted the application on behalf of Electric Power Authority (European Space Agency). Now, the application will be evaluated by the independent regulator, and if approved, the increase will take effect on July 1 and be in effect until September 30.

This will be the seventh consecutive quarterly increase in the electricity bill.

For a residential customer with a consumption of 400 (kilowatt-hours) per month, The increase will be from $116.14 to $135.96, That’s an additional $19.82 per month between July and September.

With this proposal, the cost per kWh would rise from 29.04 to 33.99 cents.

At this time, the impact on commercial and industrial customers was unclear.

Mario HurtadoLUMA, chief regulatory officer and vice president of LUMA, confirmed the numbers – at a press conference – to questions from new dayHe stressed that the last word on the increase is de jure the Energy Office. Initially, this newspaper obtained the accounts through a source.

“(The cost of 33.99 cents per kilowatt-hour) is very high for electric power (compared to other US jurisdictions). In Hawaii, another island state, the cost is more than 40 cents, which is about 45 cents. “In other isolated systems, there are Costs are high, but (33.99 cents) it’s too expensive compared to systems in the rest of the United States.”

The CEO clarified that every three months, when expenditures and estimates for fuel and energy purchases are reviewed and adjusted, LUMA’s role is limited to calculating actual costs based on information provided by PREPA.

“LUMA has never proposed an increase in rates. We have made it clear that this year we are not requesting or planning to propose changes to the base rate, the component that covers the costs of the transmission and distribution system,” added Hurtado, who was echoed Melissa BoyuAccount Manager, and Nurit Figueiradirector of customer voice for the consortium.

“It is important for our 1.5 million customers to know that fuel prices are not set by LUMA, but by global markets. Fuel prices have skyrocketed due to increased demand, reduced supply, delays in production and conflict in UkraineCreated.

Meanwhile, Puyo and Figueroa noted that LUMA has help and software available for its customers, so they can update their accounts. They include everything from payment plans to special rates or subsidies. They are encouraged to call 1-844-888-5862 or use the My LUMA app to learn more about it.

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