Does Pope Francis respond to those who speculate his resignation?

In Wednesday’s public interview, Pope Francis emphasized that older people can and should serve the community, words some Vatican understand as a response to rumors about his resignation.

Like every Wednesday, Pope Francis presided over the public attendance from St. Peter’s Square in Rome, where he continued his teaching about old age.

During his speech on Wednesday, June 15, the Holy Father Christian education focused on the limits of old age and a culture of discarding itWhich he mentioned on more than one occasion.

He even asserted that “As adults we cannot do the same thing as we did when we were young. The body has other rhythms and we have to listen to the body and accept limits. We all have, Now I have to walk with a stick“.

He argued, however, that “even if you are old you can, and what’s more, you should serve the community.”

“It is good for the elderly to continue to bear the responsibility of serving, and to overcome the temptation to step aside. The Lord does not exclude them, but on the contrary gives them the strength to serve again.

Some of the Vatican interpreted this letter asIn response to rumors about the possible resignation of Pope Francis.

It should be noted that on June 4, the Holy See’s Press Office announced that Pope Francis will visit the Italian city of L’Aquila at the end of August 2022.

This announcement sparked unsourced speculation that the trip Could be a prelude to Pope Francis’ resignationsince Pope Celestine V, who led the Catholic Church for only five months before his resignation on December 13, 1294, was buried in that city.

When today’s pope emeritus Benedict XVI became the first pope to resign in nearly 600 years in 2013, the Vatican remembered that he had visited the tomb of Celestine V a few years earlier.

This next visit Besides changes to his schedule due to his knee disease They continued to fuel speculation and rumors that Pope Francis himself might have responded this morning.

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