According to an opinion poll, if the elections were held today, Luis Abenader would win by 48%.

Santo Domingo, d.

A nationwide survey of 1,200 people by CIES INTERNATION indicated that 45.7% of Dominicans lean toward Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) as the first political force, It is followed by Popular Power (FP) with 18.2% and then the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) with 17.3% sympathy.

Works executed between 3 and 6 June with a margin of error of +/- 5%.

The poll also reflects that if a general election were held today, Louis Abenader would collect 48% of the preferences of those surveyed, while Lionel Fernandez will receive 23% and Abel Martinez will receive 15%.

Likewise, when asked how to qualify them – Luis Abenader’s government administration 34% define it as “good”. While 25.7% criticized the work carried out so far by the Chief Executive and described it as “bad”.

Two of the government’s actions that garnered the most support from those surveyed are the fight against corruption and the construction of the border wall. The policy of zero tolerance against corruption in the current government is supported by 63% of the sample, compared to only 24.5% against it. For its part, the wall project with Haiti has the support of 71.5% of the population.

post survey

On the other hand, on the same dates CIES INTERNATIONAL conducted another survey of 600 people residing in the national territory. If the guardian election were held today, Carolina Mejia will reaffirm its mandate by gaining the support of 45.6% of citizens, He is followed by Omar Fernandez (21%) and Domingo Contreras (18.7%).

The sample also shows that Farid Fadl (44%) will be the Senate candidate with the most votes from the national constituency. Behind her will be Vinicio Castillo (21%) and Rafael Paz (17%).

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