A critically ill patient died after the accident at the Saratoga Hotel (+ video) › Cuba › Granma

The death toll from the Saratoga hotel explosion, which occurred on May 6, has risen to 47, after the death of Vanessa Sierra Sores, 44, who was taken to hospital in serious condition, due to the injuries she received in the tragedy. incident.

The Ministry of Public Health, upon announcing the news, expressed its deep regret over what happened, and sent its condolences to all family members and friends.

In general, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor reported that as of June 15, due to the gas explosion, 99 people were injured, and 51 of them have already been discharged.

Under the reported care and medical care, the patient is still admitted to the Hermanos Amigiras Clinical Surgical Hospital.

Of the 47 dead, 25 were men, 22 women, four minors, a pregnant woman and a foreigner.

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