A bridge in Jalapa was broken by heavy rain; Insivumeh expects continued weather

On Wednesday, June 15, the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (CONRD) reported that 582,539 people have been affected by the 2022 rainy season.

Also, 20 deaths from rain-related accidents have already been reported on a national scale.

Guatemala has been affected in recent days by rising rivers, floods and road damage. As in the case of drowning at the 15th kilometer of the road leading to the Pacific Ocean.

Insivumeh’s director, Wilson Garcia, said at a press conference on Wednesday that they are watching a wave from the east expected to enter Guatemala this weekend.

He reminded residents that the rainy season had begun and that it had already started in some areas of the country last May.

Strange Girl

The director added that 2022 is a year called “The Girl”, so heavy rains will fall on the national territory.

Concerning the flooding of rivers, he indicated the necessity of being careful about the places where the accumulation of water ends.

Heavy rain is expected for Bocacosta this weekend; However, the effect of river flooding is already observed in southern Guatemala.

Oscar Cossio, Secretary of Conred, reports that 78 municipalities are located very high impact, 69 municipalities are high impact and 144 are medium impact municipalities, with 29 municipalities are low impact.

He added that they are on red institutional alert due to the rainy season issue and provide a beneficial response to the residents.

Damage in Jalapa

As Conred reported on Wednesday, June 15, A bridge was destroyed at kilo 222 of the RD-02 road, in the village of Trapichitos, San Luis Jilotepeque, Jalapa.

He added that the authorities of that institution visited to verify the damages and according to the information collected, to suggest strategies and enable this path.

The bridge was a connection Between the municipalities of San Manuel Chaparon and San Luis Jilutepec.

According to Conred, 1,000 vehicles per day passed through the structure.

As alternative routes to San Luis Jilutebec You can use San Pedro Pinula, Ipala, or Chiquimula.

Also during the visit, residents were briefed on prevention measures and They were advised not to cross the swollen river and not to be on the banks of the collapsed bridge.

Conred coordinated with Caminos as the managing body for relevant works in the affected area.

also Suggest doing some work for an alternate route When the weather conditions are favorable.

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As noted, the central pillar supporting the concrete slab of the bridge has receded due to the potential undercurrent caused by the current.

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