Who is Angela Maria Tavor, the new Grupo Sura board member

On Monday, the Gilinski Group achieved a third member of the Sura Group’s board of directors, out of seven owned by the financial conglomerate.

The new member is Adv. Angela Maria Tavor, a professional lawyer with a focus on social economics from Gavirana University. He holds an MA in Comparative International Law from Cornell University Ithaca in New York (USA).

Professionally, she has served as President and CEO of Give To Colombia, Inc.; As co-founder of Tafur, Domínguez y Arana. She was Vice President of Legal Affairs at Bancol y Cía. , and legal advisor to the supervisor, Securities and Exchange Commission (today the Colombian Financial Supervisory Authority).

In her resume, there are also positions as a legal advisor to Corporación Financiera del Valle; Lawyer at the Legal Department of Banking Supervision (today the Financial Supervisory Authority of Colombia), consultant to Banco de Colombia SA, research assistant at Esguerra, Barrera y Gamba, and research assistant at Posse y Cía.

Tafur has served on the boards of Banco GNB Sudameris, Panama (2005, present), Give To Colombia (2003, present), Banco de Colombia SA (1989-1997) and Litoformas de Colombia (1989-1996), Inmobiliaria Bancol (1989-1996). ).

She is the CEO of LAVCA, an association dedicated to promoting the growth of private capital in Latin America and the Caribbean and headquartered in New York.

LAVCA has more than 200 member firms, including global investment firms, private equity firms, active venture capital funds, global sovereign wealth funds, corporate investors, pension funds, family offices, and more. The companies’ assets add up to more than $65 billion, all aimed at raising capital and growth in Latin America and the Caribbean.

* Gabriel Jelinsky is a contributor to SEMANA Publications.

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