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Andrew Tekmansky, the recipient of the decree as a resident investor, objects to the issuance of his gun license with the police.

Andy Tekmansky, CEO of WhiteFish Energy.

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Company President White Energy Collectibleswhich gained notoriety after Hurricane Maria passed due to an emergency contract extended to it by the Electric Power Authority (PREPA), has sued the police because it did not respond to her application for a weapons license.

The controversy over awarding a contract in the hundreds of millions to a company that, at the time of its signing, did not have the necessary personnel or equipment, caused former Governor Ricardo Rossello Nevares to cancel it. A federal audit concluded that the contract award process was correct, but that an overpayment was made that should not have been repaid with federal money. But later, in the context of PREPA’s bankruptcy case, PE and Whitefish reached an agreement to pay the company $90.2 million for work performed and continue to process another $32.9 million that was initially declared as ineligible expenses, but is now under administrative appeal.

According to the lawsuit filed on Tuesday, Techmanski applied for a license for his guns on March 1, and the 30 days required by law have already passed without police doing the paperwork. “The plaintiff has a clean record and there is nothing to legally prevent him from possessing and carrying firearms. So much so that the plaintiff has a permit to possess guns from the state of Montana and to possess weapons in that state,” the appeal states that he filed Mr. Osvaldo Sandoval Baez.

Techmanski has a home in Dorado and has been the recipient of a tax ordinance as a resident investor under the old Law 22 since 2019. The 45-year-old has also incorporated the entities Forloh LLC and Energized International Inc. and AT Development LLC on the island, as well as a subsidiary of Whitefish Energy Holdings LLC. The first two entities are beneficiaries of the tax ordinances of export companies under the previous Law No. 20.

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